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Dead Flowers, Red Garden

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6 responses to “Dead Flowers, Red Garden”

  1. Adun

    When this was airing in Japan, I got recommended to watch it by a friend of mine. God damn I found it pretty boring for the first 16 episodes or so, only towards the end does it get more interesting. But of course you may take a different liking to it but not a lot happens in the first few episodes.

  2. Nork22

    Anticipated horror of the year? Err… no ADV. But I guess it’s just a marketing sham to get people to buy/watch it because of the great character drama that goes on with the 4 girls. I got volume 2, and there is obviously a bigger organisation at work here that the girls don’t even know of yet that seems to be hinting at things more grim for the girl’s future.

    Worth keeping up with it to be honest because it isn’t a typical Gonzo show. I do agree though, they should work on the pacing a bit more.

  3. suneo

    caught this series a few months back. It does start out a bit slow but it picks up a lot in the second half. Lots of weird stuff goin on, and I don’t quite remember what happened, but I do know that it kept me watchin to the end at least lol. Then again I think I find that I’m quite easily entertained lol. It was like a meld of supernatural action high school girl’s drama.

  4. sf

    . I like each of the leads and the secondary character

  5. Meimi132

    Speed Grapher aint that bad.
    Haven’t seen RBHS so I wouldn’t know, but I’m fond of the manga cos it was one of the first I got out the Library up north where my grandparents live.(when manga wasn’t in the library where I lived)
    I thought Red Garden would be awesome, but the first episode didnt strike me as anything wonderful…

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