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PVC Stereo

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28 responses to “PVC Stereo”

  1. Aya Kyunik

    It’s always interesting looking at these pics, but it does hurt my eyes after a while XD

    I’m not so sure on how the two photos need to relate to make it look 3D, so I can’t really help there…

  2. Bob

    The idea is to take 2 photos from slightly different angles to simulate the different images you view from each eye (aka stereo effect). When viewing these images, the idea is to force the left eye to focus on the right photo, and the right eye on to the left photo. Because each photo is taken from a different angle, the image appears to be 3 dimensional

  3. tsurai

    Whoa whoa, that’s like the coolest thing.. *__* I can see them really well and detailed. My eyes hurts now but it was worth it. Great stuff!

  4. Figured

    I am usually good at this sort of thing, and I saw 3 images, but I don’t think the middle one was 3D. My eyes hurt now, I’ll have to try again later.

  5. AS

    Lol, neat, didn’t know you could do this. It makes Fasalina’s “eyes” look so much better ;p.

  6. ron~

    can’t do it.., can’t get 3d image from those pictures :(

  7. W1N9Zr0

    There’s a way to do this without messing up your eyes ;)

    You have to get the exposure to match otherwise it’ll keep flashing light-dark. The effect’s also better if you take the two pictures further apart for more depth.

  8. W1N9Zr0

    Damn comment system ate my html, here’s the gif way of doing this I’m talking about http://W1N9Zr0.deltaanime.net/happysoda_stereo.gif (hopefully it won’t eat just the url this time)

  9. suneo

    hmm how do you know how much to turn the figure/move the camera? I’ve always wondered how people manipulate already taken photos to include a complementing image to make the stereo effect. I’ve had lots of practice with these kinds of images with those 3d eye things plus similarly done photos, so these are pretty cool :D When I start taking pictures of figures I wanna try this out too hehe

  10. Danny Choo

    I cross my eyes until the images merge and it looks great. Eyes hurt after though ^^;

  11. double

    I tried… but I failed >_<

  12. Nork22

    My eyes! It hurts! As much as I like to pull this trick off, my bad eyesight would probably be made worse if I go this method. Still was a fun trick.

  13. Almost A Hero

    Yo, super rats.

    Haven’t been online in a while, thought I’d check in. I was quite interested in seeing your take on figurine stereoscopy after you had commented on my post last year. Once again, your results are impressive. I quite like the last one, the 3D effect seems to have worked out really well for that one in particular.

    Good job!

  14. Almost A Hero

    In regards to some of your questions:

    Despite mentioning the “eye-jarring” background in my post originally, it actually does assist in 3D viewing. While you don’t necessarily want to make the background too busy, stereoscopy relies on creating the illusion of depth. By providing a background with simple shapes, you provide a reference point in the image to compare the figure to. With a single-colour background, you get infinite depth, which can make it harder to create that illusion.

    The images do need to be near-identical, but the amount of distance you shift to the left/right will vary; this is particularly evident in macro photography. When shooting larger subjects, using two cameras wired together will always give you the same effect, but with figurines you only need a miniscule shift in the angle to create the effect. I found that depending on the shot I wanted with Reina, I needed to shift my tripod a different amount each time to get the best effect.

    Hope this helps.

  15. radiant

    If you use the Metal Gear Acid 2 glasses, it should work.

  16. Windbell

    Crap! I threw my Metal Gear Acid 2 Glasses! Should have kept them as they would come in handy for this!

    Anyway, Great effect there. Used to do alot of eye-crossing as a young lad so it didn’t really hurt ^^;

    Will try this out for the next figure photoshoot I do.

  17. tj han

    I have serious lazy eye so I never see things in 3D that much anyway.

  18. lu-k

    I tried… it hurts… I failed… T_T

  19. fanservice

    Nice work for a first effort. Hope to see more!(I like Jo the best, but then that’s just me.)

    Almost A Hero’s right about how a background assists with the depth perception. Nearly as much as the L-R spacing between each shot does.

    Told ya I’d be shooting 3D pix of my Vespa ridin’ figure.. just posted to flickr (profile name’s pxlcom for those interested). The background setup should help.

    WARNING! Cross-eyed views.. {>_<}

  20. jon

    those shots are great! i also have the stereo love, and make sure my characters can be seen in glorious 3d.

    please help carry the stereo torch and continue to publish your figure reviews in stereo. if you want my flash stereo widget, just ask.

  21. coeli

    That was really cool but then I figured that I shouldn’t be crossing my eyes while I’m at the office @_@

  22. Stereoscopic/3D PVC Photography - OS Idol Win-Chan Ver.2.0 « Almost A Hero ~ Weren’t We All?

    [...] of developments that I thought you would might be interested in. Super rats over at HappySoda tried his hand at it, and pxlcom has also provided a number of 3D slides of Saber stuffing her face with [...]

  23. Gregos

    Nice shoot,nice models, but i think you should use parralele vision and not crossed eyes, much easier to get the focus ;) .and doesn t hurts your eyes.Just invert the right and left,and try to look ” beyond ” the screen,as if looking at the horizon.It s much more natural i think.Doesn t work on full screen pics but your pics have the perfect size.

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