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Ending Haruhi in the Rain

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11 responses to “Ending Haruhi in the Rain”

  1. valho

    I just recently finish watching Haruhi as well, having watched the broadcast order before I got DVD, I felt that both are as good, broadcast order just have a more climatic ending. I bought the limited edition as well, just so I can have the DVD for the broadcast order ^^

  2. AS

    I initially dropped Haruhi after watching the first episode in broadcast order, it just seemed really boring and stupid to me. Then I actually watched the rest and enjoyed watching it, though how it became a cult phenomena is still a bit questionable to me. Maybe people just relate to it somehow and thats what draws people in. I know I’ve had times where “wishing for just one more day to have gotten better.” I haven’t watched the series in a while, maybe I’ll re-watch it later.

  3. shinji

    I think what makes it different from other anime during its time is that it seems to break the usual highschool story/antics by basically punching some end-of-the-world theme to a highschool setting. But I also would like to see a more simple ending rather than an explosive kissing finale ^^

  4. Seiken/VMan of Mana

    Super Rats: just wondering, your opinions on the dub are done after watching both the dub and the sub or do you usually just watch the dub?

    Re. hype: Haruhi’s hype comes, IMO, from the fact that it seems to be a regular highschool/slice of life series but the extra elements make it break the mold. Add to that that the characters have something memorable to them despite being almost romantic comedy cookie cutter characters. These little things start building little by little, start gaining momentum, and at the end you have an avalanche that started from a snowball. Oh, and don’t forget the ending; that helped a lot too.

    I think part of the shock is the fact that you started to see the series after the ‘avalanche’ developed. In my case, I started to see the series when it was started to get noticed, so I wasn’t faced with this overhype that I find annoying because it can turn people off.

    I do think that Haruhi is overhyped, but the blame is on the Harutards, not Haruhi. At the end of the day I find Haruhi to be a very enjoyable series with a lot of little things that make it refreshing.

  5. Heavenwargod

    Well I watched the un-chronological order first, and I’d admit, I still pretty much enjoyed it, enough for it to become one of my favourite titles of all time. But, as expected from KyoAni, the drawings are impressive as ever. But in the case of “Harutards”, I do find it strange. Perhaps Hare Hare Yukai attracted them, or maybe KyoAni set a curse or whatever-magic-you-call-it.

    But one things for sure, being a Harutard is better than being a Narutard/Bleach-tard, which when you ask them, what is your favourite anime, they’d reply Naruto/Bleach almost immediately.

  6. 0rion

    Nice to see a balanced view on the series for once, from someone who’s neither a hater nor a rabid fan. Interesting point about the ending of the season when viewed in chronological order. I had never really stopped to think about how that would affect the viewing experience since I watched it in broadcast order.

  7. DanielJr

    I’ll probably wait for a collection or something. It’s nice to see someone *finally* talking about the chronological order in good terms, though.

    Excuse me if I got on a tangent here, but I’m so tired of reading impressions from the Haruhi fanbots… it has diluted my interest in the series somewhat. It’s nice to know the dub is solid and the chronological (DVD) order is actually fine, not the Haruhi killer some fanbots make it out to be.

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