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Short Tandokucon Report

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12 responses to “Short Tandokucon Report”

  1. B

    Really? I thought it was really poorly run, and the organization wasn’t there. No planning and no effort does not make a worthwhile convention, or weekend.

  2. bigearl

    I had a good time, but that was really only because of the guests, imo. They pretty much saved this convention for them. Not that I really noticed, even though I did see them floating around here and there, but from going to other forums, it seems the guests really made themselves super accessible to the fans, more so than at other cons. That may just be because it was such a small con, who knows. Anyway, I was very happy to get the opportunity to attend the panels, they had such great voice talent there.

    I agree that it was poorly organized the more I think about it. Mainly because of the times they had some of these panels. Liam O’Brien’s panel would have surely been larger if it didn’t conflict with people presumably lining up for the concert. I can only imagine how empty Lex Lang’s panel was, which took place during the concert.

    They should have had the video game room set up for the panels, since it seemed they only had ddr and a couple of gaming consoles. Video game room should have been in the screening room, and the screening room should have been put in that teeny room they wanted to use for the panels.

    Concert was fun. Still peeved about some of the knock-off junk in the dealer room. Also, it would have been nice if they at least had someone selling bottled water or some snacks.

  3. Zeb

    It’s the same here in New Zealand… if you’re not a Bleach, Naruto or FMA fan, you’re in the minority, and thats saying something since most of the prolific collectors I know here aren’t fans of the above three :(

    I wonder, is this part of the whole demise of the anime fandom?

    Anyway, good score on the Marmalade Boy :)

  4. AS

    Congrats for finding Marlamade Boy, its always good to finish a collection. Sorry to hear that this years Tandokucon wasn’t that good, but it will get better with time. The local one year has been running three years and has gotten better with each year. I’m not surprised that something mainstream in America, like Bleach and Naruto, is the only thing American anime fans will really talk about. Just wait, maybe you will see some Death Note questions next year as Death Note just started showing on Adult Swim. Everyone needs to know more about the other great animes out there, but we are sadly limited here in America on great animes.

  5. david

    I’ve been seeing Bleach and Naruto fans are everywhere lately! It would be great if some really cool anime series were as popular. I was never able to get into either show.

    Perhaps Death Note will be crazy-popular in time for the next con season.

  6. lol

    I find it funny that you thought there was actually 1500 people there. The Tandokucon staff claim about 5000 and most congoers said a few hundred. I wonder if that included the panhandlers and bums that just walked into the panels trying to get money off the little kids who really needed some adult supervision.

  7. RoxiRowl

    C’mon guys.
    It’s their first time! Philly in itself was pretty brave for having the con in the first place! Give us a chance…
    The Philly area is known (I think) for its historical value but under that is the “ghetto” people who try to run it. I think “Con Mom” was just worried about how the people AROUND the con would act.
    I, myself, was almost attacked by people shouting “Holloween is over asshole”
    I’m not sure if this happens at other cons too but it really scared me.

    In any case, give the Con time to grow and expand. I think it’ll get better over time.


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