7 responses to “Mushi-Shi, Inside the Cage”

  1. Zeroblade

    You know, I never thought about it that way. Perhaps that’s the wonder of Mushishi – there’s always a different angle on how to perceive everything in it.

  2. 0rion

    “It was a sanctuary. In the end when he realizes this, the forest heals.”

    Wow, I always loved this episode, but I never thought about it enough to see that thematic element. Great write-up and great perspective. I have that much more appreciation for Urushibara Yuki and this amazing story now. :)

  3. Sarah

    As a Westerner, I could not help but view the ending as a woman who committed suicide and killed her daughter. However, she could not have known this at the time she cut the tree. I have never felt so sad for a tree, and don’t think there is a sadder ending in Mushishi.

  4. Sarah

    Having said that, your description and interpretation is much more enlightening then mine. I will read your interpretations from now on, to compare to mine. Your writing is beautiful.