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Saber Maid Servant

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31 responses to “Saber Maid Servant”

  1. valho

    I still prefer the younger saber but this one looks pretty good too. Her clothing looks really detail, and the broom too :) Shot 7 really look great

  2. Nork22

    Very nice. :D

    Can’t wait for mine to arrive.

  3. lu-k

    Sexy nude-back, perfect zettai ryouiki… oh my… what a Saber ^^

  4. Almost A Hero

    Fantastic figure, from the looks of things. I like the whole “Yeah, I’m dressed as french-maid, but I don’t need the mop to wipe the floor, nancy boy… you’ll do just fine,” attitude. And the clothing looks really intricate.

    Great pics; huge props on the chair, it works really well with the shoot. The second-last photo is awesome. Shiny thigh-highs. =D

  5. tj han

    The hell!! This figure looks nowhere as good as your pics in real life. It’s like your increased amount of shadow brings out details that would otherwise be unnoticeable. Case in point Saber Maid 01 picture.

  6. AS

    I agree that saber isn’t the maid type but she sure pulls it off ;p. The detail put on the frills is excellent. Detailed pantsu, we need more of that though lol.

  7. shinohai

    Sweet figure, sitting on the fence for this one but I’m leaning towards getting her, then I pull myself back, then I lean again worse than a Yamato figure. ^^; Hanging around here will probably push me to critical levels though, aikes X_X

  8. aka_ugly

    One of the few Saber figures I really like. Oh noes, do I have a maid fetish ^^;

    No, it’s just the frills! Something really sexacious about her. And of course the nice curves are workin for me as well. Or maybe it’s just your great shots playin tricks on me..

    ..and i bought Ribbon Style because its a Range Murata design, i swear! :p

  9. Johnny Nguyen

    That figure is beautiful! If I ever find it for a better price I’ll have to get one. For now my money’s saved up for the lovely Kureha ^^ Excellent pictures as always.

  10. Traye

    Beautiful pictures as always. I received this figure yesterday ^^ although it’s not the same classic Saber we all know and love, quality is without question top notch, the details are incredible and its great to look at!

  11. Aya Kyunik

    Hmmm, If I didn’t have so many Saber figures already, I’d prolly add this to the collection after seeing the photos~

    My god she’s frilly~

  12. Belela-san

    The legs are amazing O_O and the details super but I find her mouth a bit weird but besides that this figures is super amazing and so is her price completely out of my budget, for that price I prefer getting a MG Gundam kit but I agree with her price for such a detailed figure. We all hope is that she isn’t a leaner.

  13. Nork22

    Too many Sabers? Naaaah… compared to my figure collection, I would say I have too many Kanu Unchous.

  14. everlasting

    I may have to reconsider this one. I cancalled my order due to the brown sockings, but it doesn’t look too bad. Need to wait for a source of income first though.

  15. ron~

    I didn’t buy this figurine even tho I like saber a lot, she doesn’t look like saber :(

    first, her cheek / chin is a bit to sharp, and second she looks older.

    Anyway, great picture, where did you get that small chair? ^^;

  16. Adun

    Great photos there. A friend of mine has this Saber and he is happy with it, plus you just made it look more awesome.

  17. alafista

    Wow i’m sure its your phototaking skills that made it more awesome, but the figure is really detailed. I think I might want to get this!!

  18. chepebeto

    Where did you buy this figure?

  19. chepebeto


  20. alynd

    again, great photos

    Saber looks extremely detailed – I esp like the Victorian chair and the doilies

  21. Lenoir

    Is she made of sugar? I love it! It’s soo sexy still not vulgar.

  22. Lenoir

    But i don’t really like the face.The rest of her body it’s so detailed but the face…

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    [...] In sintesi, Clayz ha proposto una versione di Saber sicuramente allettante ma con alcune pecche di troppo nella realizzazione. Sebbene certe imperfezioni possano far facilmente storcere il naso agli appassionati più esigenti, non mi sento di essere troppo cattivo con questo modello visto che il rapporto qualità/prezzo resta comunque abbastanza elevato. E consideriamo anche che la figure con i suoi 28 cm di altezza è di dimensioni notevoli, il che è decisamente un surplus. Da annoverare tra le “stranezze” segnalo il fatto che per qualche incomprensibile motivo la foto riportata sulla confezione raffigura Saber col vestito di colore blu anzichè nero, ma non si tratta di falsificazione o simili…è proprio così, e non se ne capisce il perchè. Se la serie vi piace particolarmente o non volete spendere grosse cifre per portarvi a casa una statuetta dalle dimensioni generose, questa Saber Maid è decisamente consigliata. Ma se cercate qualcosa di davvero notevole e non volete badare a spese vi suggerisco di cercare altrove, puntando magari alla strepitosa Saber Maid Servant della Alter. [...]

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