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Happy Wedding Azusa

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26 responses to “Happy Wedding Azusa”

  1. lu-k

    This figure is fantastic! And through your pictures she is even more!
    I want it so bad hehe. And I love Azusa too ^^
    I hope I’ll be able to grab one from a French store which propose this figure for preorder (should be out soon).

    And you’re right. Perv shots are forbbiden here ;)

  2. valho

    very beautiful figure, the detail on the wedding dress is really nice. The dog and drum is so cute too :)

  3. AS

    Beautiful figure you have there, the dress is especially nice in detail. I don’t know about the drum though lol, the dog is a nice add on though.

  4. shinohai

    Thats one awesome figure which sadly I’ll probably never get a chance to have :( Gratz on getting her, the dog is totally to kill for ^^ Same goes for the drum =D~ Absolutely fantastic figure from the crown/tiara on her head to the details on her shoes. Sweet grab! :)

  5. Adun

    This is one of the most gorgeous figures out there. I’d love to get one myself but yeah, can’t be bothered searching for one.

  6. Aya Kyunik


    Gaaah, I had no means of getting this figure when it was available for pre-order~

    Great photos, that makes me just wanna snap at the thought that I couldn’t get her lol.

    Now if only they release a Yayoi version…

  7. moyism

    Beautiful photos and summary as always super rats! And you, just like everyone else, should know figure collectors = eternally broke XD

  8. samejima

    I remember taste/mojya-san’s post was also like this… the taiko no tatsujin drum’s appearance…

  9. phamolous

    Azusa, I wish you only the best. I hope you had a great wedding, you look so darn gorgeous in your gown.

  10. ron~

    woah.. she is pretty for sure…. no wonder never saw her on pre order, limited only in japan D:

    she is too elegant for perv shots /nod

  11. Belela-san

    This figure details are superb but something is a miss, I think they concentrated too much on the body and less on the face, I find her face too plain for my likes although the rest compensates for it, grats on getting this magnificent figure

  12. Marmot


  13. kanna

    wow….thats simply beautiful…and the lighting’s just perfect :D Where do you take such great photos?

  14. David-M-

    Hi, I come to see your photos sometimes, and I’m always impressed by your work ! Really really good. Better than the photos that you find on the figures box ! ^^
    I think you do some of the best figures photos I have seen !

  15. Kyokii

    Very nice photos, rats.

  16. coeli

    You’re really great at taking pictures! I’m such a fan ^^

    That Azusa figure is amazing. I love the details on her dress and her veil..

  17. Zeb

    Having had the honour of seeing this figure in person, I can happily and categorically agree with your review ^_^

    My friend came over to my place to do the photo shoot, hope you enjoy :)

  18. sak

    why does the dog have a penis? wtf?

  19. sair

    theres one on ebay rite now!!!

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