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Magical Pokan Uma

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18 responses to “Magical Pokan Uma”

  1. lu-k

    Go Uma! Go! :D
    I really love this stupid witch hehe, and her Japanese voice actress Momoko Saito did a great job for that (she also did Solty).

    Awesome picture as usual (erf feel a bit guilty of alway saying the same thing, but dude! that’s really awesome ^^)

    I love the lighting on the very first picture, and the 4th make me laugh (really) since I can easily imagine her crossing those “woods” on her staff saying stuff like “ooouuuuaaah” with her funny voice like she usually does when she discovers new things :)

    Ala ala… I like Uma a lot. I like Magipoka a lot ^^

    The only thing IMO which would have been better is to have her in her witch outfits, with the hat and coat, but that’s just according my own tastes :)

  2. shinohai

    Tried the anime, but couldn’t get past the first ep, so I didn’t catch much Uma action. Not that it’s a bad anime, it just didn’t fit in with me at the time and with a huge backlog, the anime was passed over others as a result. Will have to resume it one day :)

    Really nice pose for the figure, and how the black rabbit thingie looks like it’s being dragged around. Am loving the snow landscape, absolutely sweet.

  3. Adun

    When I first saw this figure, I had no idea where she was from, but after watching the anime series, I still wasn’t interested in buying Uma, nor Pachira. But still, she is a very colourful figure.

  4. Aya Kyunik

    One of my fav figures in my collection~
    Great photos as always XD

  5. Danny Choo

    You should publish a book of your photos and sell it in Japan.

  6. ron~

    nice pictures, nice figure, I like her more than pachira ^^b.

  7. AS

    Conservative figure ^-^, which is nice every now and then. I haven’t watched the anime so I ‘m wondering what that black thing is at the end of her staff, is it a black bunny? On another note, thanks for adding my new website to your list ^-^.

  8. Edward

    This is a great figure! She has such a sweet face.

  9. valho

    very cute looking figure and nice photos as usual, especially the snow setting ^^

  10. Marmot

    I couldn’t stand the anime, but I loooooove the character designs. They’re all so adorable, especially Uma~! I wish I had her backpack thing, rahhh.

  11. Danny Choo

    You should disable images in your adsense as they dont convert well. Disable images in the adsense block and you will find that conversion goes up soon after.

  12. aka_ugly

    This is a figure I didn’t pay much attention to, but once again your amazing pics shine light on a great looking figure.
    Is it bad that I also want that backpack ^^;

  13. xenohawk

    Wow, I think without your wonderful glowing pictures this will slip right pass me. Loved the brilliant colors especially her gradient hair.

  14. Meimi132

    Oh she be gorgeous…. I’ve seen her in shops… and I regret not buying her….

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