Hello Kitty, the New Mark of Shame

“Thai police who break rules will have to wear hot pink armbands featuring Hello Kitty.”
Yahoo News

This struck me as funny in light of the recent whirl of otaku navel gazing. So are Japanese cartoon icons the new scarlet letter? In Thailand, it seems to be for police who litter and arrive to work late. Not exactly in step with last weeks discussion, but an amusing aside. On a side note, whoever came up with Hello Kitty is a freaking genius or super lucky, but probably both.

11 responses to “Hello Kitty, the New Mark of Shame”

  1. Marmot

    Oh my god, I’d litter and come to work late every damn day of the week if it meant that I could wear a hot pink Hello Kitty armband.

  2. Aya Kyunik

    Pink armbands with Hello Kitty~!? I’M THERE~! XD

  3. howie

    lol what a shame~:P

  4. AS

    Lol, this news is all over the web now. I have already seen it on a few of my regular sites. Hello Kitty bring great shame to Thai police lol

  5. Zeroblade

    I dunno about Hello Kitty, but I’d totally wear a Nanoha armband. I don’t see how shameful that is though, I wore a Yuyuko-themed headband half the day in my school.

  6. lu-k

    Hahaa and they should reward those you do their job well with the same brassard as Haruhi’s one ^^;

    Thanks for the laugh ;)

  7. Kyokii


    Gimme me an armband!

  8. Hello Kitty

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