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Con Highlights and Loot

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23 responses to “Con Highlights and Loot”

  1. scottfrye

    Man, I would love to actually own something done by Tony Taka and that Saber mousepad is cool.

  2. Kippei

    Wow its nice to meet the VA in person and the F.tw drools….

  3. Aya Kyunik

    I approve of your Uma purchase XD
    That Taka Tony book tho…. I want it. Damn catgirls, they’re my bane -_-

    Good to see that it was a fun convention :3

  4. lu-k

    Nice Uma purchase ;)
    Pachira will no more fell lonely hehe.

    The voice actor autograph is a great stuff! It makes me laught reading that you bought Mikuru especially for that hehe.
    French voice actors suck, since they usualy aren’t specialised into this domain like japanese seiyuus (don’t know how it works in USA, but it seems that they are too), that’s why I’d definitely prefer having the signature of japanese seiyuus ^^

  5. Adun

    Good buy on the Cielo artbook. Plus having a figure signed is definitely different to what others would do.

  6. valho

    nice a signed Mikuru ^^ I would love to get that Shunya’s Sweet Dream artbook

  7. Belela-san

    What art book is the one with Sweet Dreams?

  8. Belela-san

    Thx, just found it at HLJ and order it, although its in the backorder state

  9. kyokii


    How did you get a hold of Noizi Ito’s F.tw!?

    Lucky bastard.

    Very cool merchandise btw… makes me want to go to one of these conventions.

  10. moyism

    I wanted to watch 5cm as well but not eating anything all day kind of killed that for me. I assume the movie had no subs?

    We got the same artbook! I remember looking at the scans for it and wishing I had bought the darn thing. While I happy I was able to pick it up in print, the cost sure made me shed a few tears.

    And shoot, totally forgot about that artbook with some T2 work in it. I was looking at that one too earlier on Saturday but when I was buying last minute stuff Sunday, either didn’t see it or remember. Doh!

    BTW, awesome idea of getting the VA to sign the figure. Probably one of the most unique way of doing a signature! How great would it be if you could somehow get Goto Yuuko to also sign it as well? hehe

  11. kransom

    Any chance you’re willing to divulge how much you spent on F.tw? Just kind of curious.

  12. Otaku Surf

    I flipped through FTW and I was considering on buying on it when I came back Saturday afternoon. But the by the time I reached the vendor that had it I spent all my money on Robot books by Range Murata!

    There’s just so much to buy, I think I’ll be needing a new credit card when I go back next year.

  13. Marmot

    Wowwww, excellent lootage! Especially F.tw and the Saber mousepad, oh god. The fact that you collect Cinnamoroll merchandise made me hau~ out loud. I LOVE Cinnamoroll.~*holds plushie tightly~* Wish I could’ve gone to Otakon, damn. But I’m a jobless, carless, lone Yankee down in Atlanta. Blargh.

  14. AS

    Nice loot lol. Jennifer Sekiguchi is a real cool person, got to meet her at Kawaii Kong 07. Didn’t have anything for her to sign though lol, she might come back next year so I will have something ready by then.

  15. aka_ugly

    Great stuffs! I’m so jealous you got a figure signed by Jennifer Sekiguchi.
    The cat girl artbook looks like its drenched in cuteness.

  16. homeless_homo

    Ah I’m so jealous of your Cielo artbook….I was looking for ARIA goods at AX07 but it didn’t seem very popular there…I only found a small black and white hentai comic of ARIA…and since it was all I found I bought it anyway =[

  17. Crystal

    Otakon this year rocked. Vic & Steve were great. ANd Seki Was AWSOME>

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