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Rosanna’s Mystery Pantsu…Solved

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12 responses to “Rosanna’s Mystery Pantsu…Solved”

  1. Steven Den Beste

    I think that must be what the girls in “Daphne in the Brilliant Blue” wear.

    Damn, that thing looks REALLY uncomfortable.

  2. lu-k

    Oh that’s for real! That may be uncomfortable as you said Steven, but very sexy nevertheless ;)

  3. Aya Kyunik

    Oh god, i wonder if this thing kicks off…
    I’d be surprising to see something like that say, on a beach.

  4. Kyokii

    That’s just not riiightt.

  5. Marmot

    That’s rather horrifying, haha. I’d never wear something like that, personally; my theory is that a comfortable person is a happy person, and I can’t imagine a perma-wedgie being comfortable. Plus, I don’t think it’d really be altogether healthy to wear, what with breathability (or lack thereof) and constriction being some factors. But, ah, oh well, I guess I won’t have to worry about that. ‘ w ‘

  6. David

    Haha yeah^^ I posted this once on Danny’s puchiblurps. While I like how the front looks, the back is just weird. Oh, and it doesn’t have the pushup effect that real pants have.

  7. Belela-san

    HAHAHAHA so thats where Shunya got his idea for Rosanna and some other girls panties, or is it the other way around?

    Anyway they’re a bit weird it looks like those things women use when they’re at that time of the month

  8. AS

    Awww….I like seeing g-string…very sexy lol. I don’t this looks that sexy.

  9. Angelo Visconti

    it takes a really nice butt to wear such panties….I magine how it would look on a big hairy man’s bottom :D

  10. koalajoe

    My crotch weeps a bit when I saw the C-string panties/clip thing. ToT

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