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Transformers Movie

Transformers Movie


The Transformers Movie is awesome. To keep myself intellectually sound I could say that perhaps it was my low expectations being exceeded due to foreknowledge of Michael Bay films, but no. This movie is better than I thought any live action Transformers movie could be.

First off it’s funny. Very funny, especially in the first half when the main character Sam encounters the Autobots. The throwbacks to the catch phrases of the cartoon also get a thumbs up.

In the second half of the movie the comedy gives way to opening a can of whoop ass. Optimus gets to be more of a badass, while still keeping his noblity intact. That was really the only thing I was slightly worried about, that they would turn Prime into something he is not, but I think the movie really made him more of what he should have been all along.

Decepticon fans might feel a little short changed as there’s not that much time given to them. They avoided making Starscream into the pansy he was in the TV show, which is both awesome and a little disappointing since his whining in the cartoon was always kind of funny. Starscream was probably my favorite character as a kid, so it was cool to see him do badass stuff in the air. I’ll have to watch it again to sort out who did what in the battle as I had a harder time telling which one was Starscream and which one was Megatron in some of the fast cuts in the action. Megatron could have been more menacing. They didn’t really give him enough time to sink in.

I bet this movie totally helps the image of the Camaro. It’s the first time I’d seen the new Camaro and I must say that it looks pretty sweet.

Also, happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans.

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7 responses to “Transformers Movie”

  1. Danny Choo

    Gah. Japan has to wait another month!

  2. marvinryan

    hey Super rats, Your review gives an accurate account of the movie, and does it justice. and I myself give the movie my 2 thumbs up. ^^ although it would have been nice if they had one of them transform into a Japanese car, it would have been a better tribute to the original creators rather than a comedic line saying, “it must be Japanese”. ^^ but it was certainly nice seeing a bit of humor in Optimus Prime. a quality we never saw he had in the original TV series.

  3. David

    Germany also has to wait another month.

    The voice acting I saw in one of the clips looked promising. I hope german voice actors won’t ruin everything.

  4. Belela-san

    Thank god here in Portugal we don’t do dubb versions of movies only of animations for kids even so our movie rooms have always the two versions, with Shrek 3 is 2 rooms with the original version and other 2 rooms with the dubb versions.

    The movies here come really fast sometimes even faster than in the US sometimes believe me.

    Went to see the Transformers today and I really was hooked up to the movie the transformations were so great. I was kinda disappointed with the name they gave to the Decepticon tank, they called Devastator and everyone who saw the series know that Devastator was a transformation of the Constructicons. They could had worked differently on prime leaving his face with that metal on his mouth all the time, instead they used only when he was in battle.

  5. David

    Here in Germany they dub all the movies. There are few theaters that show the original language movie, but it’s rather rare. The voice actors that they hire for the theater movies do a good job, still I’d rather watch the original version.

    Btw, german dubbed anime is really horrible ;)

  6. Aya Kyunik

    It was excellent :3
    It was kinda surprising to me that it was released earlier in Australia than most others countries.

    I loved how they kept some classic lines from the animated series as well XD

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