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  1. tj han

    I have no Ikkitousen figures at the moment, having sold off the Gothic Kanu a while back.

    My favourite chara is Chouun (the closed eye katana girl). Man she’s hot but no decent figures yet. Great pictures, I saw this figure in the stores but didn’t buy.

  2. Rez

    I myself don’t care for the slutty ones, but it really comes down to the over all detail and quality. I just pre-ordered this Ikki Tousen one a few days ago. Won’t be shipping till late Sept at the earliest :( .

  3. David

    The closeup of her face is nice. I like how you avoid to take pantyshots^^

    And it’s nice to see that there are Ikkitousen figures out there which are not slutty, but still interesting. Ikkitousen has never been my type of anime, but I can understand why people like it so much^^ Don’t know about the Manga though. What do Ikkitousen fans think about Tenjou Tenge?

  4. shinohai

    Nice shots :) Got this figure myself since I missed out on the Gothic Loli version but still am very happy with this figure all in all (no leaning problems at the very least)

    As with Rez, I’m waiting on that Kanu figure as well, it’s sad how Ryomou and Kanu look so good in this series by Wani books but Sonsaku got the short end of the stick and ended up looking rather weird :/

  5. lu-k

    Hahahaha you finally got an IKKI TOUSEN figure! I’m so proud of you ^^;
    I definitly love the two anime series, well, because of the whole fanservice thing and those beautiful chicks, but also because it is a really good way to relate the Three Kingdoms period. Though I’m very desapointed of Dragon Destiny quick end. I guess it’s because I was expecting too much about the Chi Bi battle hehe.

    I don’t like the comparaison with Tenjou Tenge, but I guess it’s bound to happen. Well, I like it too, but was too much bored of Natsume’s brother story (talking about the anime). That’s a shame main characters are shadowed half of the time by flash-back.
    Fortunately, the manga is a true wonder.

    Last words : want now a Ukitsu figure!!! one with both normal and alternative damaged clothes would be nice xD

  6. AS

    I know what you mean about the anime and manga being a bit too slutty. But the anime itself isn’t too bad storyline wise. I like how she wears a nurse outfit which isn’t slutty but still on the kinky side lol. I’m waiting for goth lolita Kana that weilds her spear to come out here in the US.

  7. sentinel011

    So far I have not seen a single company dishing out nice sculpts of the girls in their manga art renderation properly. I don’t fancy watching shows that overdo fanservice; it’s like snacking too much but considered little for a proper meal that sort of thing.

  8. ron~

    I myself haven’t got any ikkitousen figurine (waiting for wani’s 1/7 kanu gothic). but this one is nice, looks good and wasn’t too trashy indeed.

    this one will look good together with kanu

    btw… where’s the pantsu shot! ._.

  9. aka_ugly

    Batt;e Vixens.. XD Hmm, I didn’t care much for the anime either and subsequently skipped over the manga. Maybe I should check it out.

    She’s really nice lookin with a sword and all, but one anime fetish I don’t care for is nurses. The whole hospital vibe doesn’t excite me.

  10. valho

    this is one of the nicer Ryomou to be release, was gonna get her but thn I am not really a Ryomou fan, so i ordered Kanu instead

  11. Aya Kyunik

    Gah, I’ve been thinking about getting a Ryoumu figure, but I can’t find one that I really really want (that’s affordable…)

    This figure had my interest but I passed =/

  12. Danny Choo

    These pics are just so fantastic. My breath is taken away every time I see your new photo shoots.
    I have a lot to learn ^^;

  13. Sector6

    i recently got my first ikki tousen figure as well- a 1/7 kanu by griffon.

    great photos (again).

  14. Kippei

    Great picture but i like the goltic ryomou the best

  15. Radiant

    Oh wow! Those are really great pictures! ^_^
    Your skills never cease to amaze me!

    I wonder how it would look with a more dark theme – black nurse uniform… that would be total coolness! O_O

  16. Radiant
  17. Edward

    I agree this is about the best Ryomou figure yet. I still hope someone will do another. Really they need to stop trying so hard. Like you wrote, she already is a very sexy character. It just needs to be subtle.

    As always, great photos.

  18. david

    Wow great figure review! I started watching the show a while back but still haven’t finished it.

  19. alafista

    I never liked Ryomou. I’m a Kanu fanboy instead, even though she’s a lesbian =P

    I’m waiting to see someone review the black limited edition

  20. kinslayer

    She is good. I bought her along with the Gothic Kanu. I am a Kanu fanboy though.

  21. minasse

    me encanta ryomou es la mujer mas sexi del manga y anime desearia k sea real asi podria tener un acita con ella .. siento k estoy enamorado de un anime

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