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Tohsaka Update

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11 responses to “Tohsaka Update”

  1. Windbell

    Couold probably hang something heavy on Rin’s left elbow to counter it :)

    Tohsaka FTW!

  2. Belela-san

    I started collecting these figures in last December and had never heard about leaning figures before navigating threw these websites and began to worry about one figure. I have Ilia swimsuit from Alter since January and I don’t see any problem with her so far. But her position keeps me worried but so far nothing and hope it stays that way.

  3. Belela-san

    Hey Rats hows your Saika holding up? Mine is leaning towards the sword position because her feet pegs suck so I’m trying to find something that hold her in place like a bit of tape.

  4. ron~

    try to lean her more to right side, and see what will happen… (to center her weight balance)

  5. AS

    Sorry to hear about the warpage. If anything you could use clear model glue on the base and wipe up the mess so it doesn’t show as much. Another thing is like other figures where theres a screw on the bottom, if you are careful you could try drilling your own holes into it. It’s up to you.

  6. alafista

    Hmmm .. does using super glue cause any damage to the figurines?

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  8. Len-Vesper

    Super glue is genereally not a good idea on PVC.

    If you do use it, you have to be extremely careful, because it tends to want to dribble all over the place it needs to ahdere, meaning it can get messy. Since it is an air-contact catalyst, it also starts to get hard to manage the moment it gets exposed to air, meaning if some starts to slip free from the area you want to keep snug, you have maybe… two or three seconds at most to wipe it really clean or it will turn white and crystally.

    And then that area is a wash if you say… put it on base or if you had to glue a part of a figure back together.

    If you want to remove it from a figure, then go into the work expecting to destroy a part of the figure because it has to be chipped off and there are good chances that superglue will mar part of the figure it was on when you remove it.

    Use Super Glue with extreme caution.

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