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Another Ending

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8 responses to “Another Ending”

  1. Wieselhead

    Overall I liked this show a lot, the creepy suspense at the beginning was great.
    What I mainly disliked about it was that I couldn’t feel empathy for any of the classmates of Misaki and Kouchi. In fact I really disliked them :D

    The deaths in the last few episodes where quite amusing because of that.
    I guess that wasn’t the intention of Another, but anyway I liked the kind of ending, a kind of good end with a spooky aftertaste.

  2. wantei

    Sadly the anime ended but luckily the manga is still continuing on with a diffrent storyline.

  3. fabrice

    Loved it. Great everything. I don’t even need to go into a big speech about how much I loved it. It was just a wonderful experience that I never really have tied with such a short series before. It’s sad that it is now over, but all good things must come to an end.

  4. Anime izle

    sometimes onether ending can be good

  5. Richard

    the suspense is really good.
    But you didn’t think its copy from previous one?


  6. Nikko Felix

    knowing that this anime just ended but my curiosity on it will just starting i love this type of anime genres but i can’t watch it because my attention is taken by the famous anime series and manga that still going on but now that this anime just ended i will be able to download it and watch it at home while waiting for the next release of episode and chapters of the anime that i used to watch lately like naruto fairytail and etc. i do this also in shakugan no shana III final and and yesterday i just finished watching it.

  7. Cassandra

    I loved this anime. I found it really interesting and as many have said, found it quite amusing how the ending episode showed the deaths of the remaining students. At times it just seemed a little too unrealistic but it is a curse after all… The one thing I didn’t like about the ending was how Reiko turned out to be the teacher. Maybe I just turned a blond eye to it while I was watching or or something, but never did I remember them mentioning that Reiko was the teacher. I jut got so freaked out an even went back to old episodes to see if I missed it but…. It just confused me that part cause I’m not even sure if Kouchi knew if she was the teacher so… But without a doubt love the anime over all and wish it would continue.

  8. narda

    I loved and enjoy this anime, but also the story seems to be lacking. I want new season!

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