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Meido Saber by the GoodSmile Company

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17 responses to “Meido Saber by the GoodSmile Company”

  1. Danny Choo

    Breath taking pics as usual. Brilliant.

  2. Windbell

    Absolutely Stunning. Seriously creative!

  3. tril

    I think I love you.

    Wonderful presentation.

  4. TedFox

    Whoa.. no flaws in the presentation.

    You totally made the figurine look good

  5. tj han

    Lol pretty creative, I had fun reading the story. Why are we all those penguins from Disgaea though?

  6. tj han

    Speaking of which, I chose my new avatar. Great feature, your taste in pics is pretty similar to mine so I had a hard time picking one… too many of my favourite characters in there, like Fasalina, Tatiana, Yuki, Murata’s artwork…

    In the end I settled for Tatiana.

  7. Adun

    Very creative photos there. Lately I’ve been too lazy to take photos plus with an oncoming Winter approaching, there aren’t many clear sky days.

  8. Belela-san

    Nice pictures as always, that camera is really something, need to invest some money into one of those things, kinda looking at a cannon eos 400d

  9. AS

    Great looking pictures. Where did you get that Win-chan from? I sooo want one.

  10. Belela-san

    Thx super rats but I didn’t quite get that aperture thing you mentioned. And yes I use my camera in manual mode using almost always 100 exposer (iso), macro-mode and natural light mode for outside pictures.

  11. konstrain

    very nice shots.
    however, how would this be compared to the clayz’s version?

  12. ron~

    good photo shot, but somehow I’m not interested in this figurine (I think she doesn’t look exactly like saber..)

    and I love etna and prinnies (and hanako from disgaea 2!!) :D

  13. lennylein

    She is wonderful, also the pictures are brilliant. Got out and bought my one today :D

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