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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of 2011

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12 responses to “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of 2011”

  1. Smithy

    Guess that’s how it is for most people, some good, some bad and some just ‘meh’ stuff. ^^

    I’ve purchased near no figures at all in 2011, spent most on Dollfie Dream. ^^;;

    “Guilty Crown” is a bit of a mixed bag for me as well, some of it is good, some of it not so good, perhaps the ending will be epic? Or not… we’ll see!

    Live every day to the fullest like it’s the last! d^^b

  2. Tier

    That’s really cool to see your work on the ceiling of a business. Will they give you free meals and drinks if you ever eat there?

    I love Guilty Crown because it’s given me an idea for a blog post. It’s rare for an anime series to move me enough for me to want to write about it but Guilty Crown has so much that I’ve spent time thinking about. Also, Shu’s mom should get a figure.

    I guess I should pick up the Sora Kake Girl DVDs before they become too difficult to find. I still prefer buying discs rather than downloads as well, and books instead of Kindle files, but I have the feeling it’s a losing struggle and looking at all the books, CDs, and DVD boxes around me, I can’t deny that it’d be pretty cool to be able to access all of those things on a tablet or telephone.

    Right after Christmas I went to visit a friend and his wife to see their newborn son, and I was chatting with him about how he’s going to have to save money for his kid’s college fund while I’m dropping $200 on each pornographic pillowcase. His wife looked at me and said, “Spend it while you’ve got it.” I thought to myself, what a perfect way to phrase it. I think that’s the philosophy I’m going to follow until everything comes to an end.

  3. Dinara

    We have so much anime to be watching. We have 7 animes on our shelf and have only started like 3… haven’t finished any of them… not to mention the other ones that we just haven’t finished. So much anime so little time….

    Though figurine wise we were very success with this year.

  4. Fabrice

    Wow the restaurant seems awesome! and you manage to get your work in it!

    Whenever i head to sydney ill pop by.. but im stuck in perth for one more year :/

  5. Anya Ty

    I wish I can check the restaurant out but I think that it would just remain to be a wish because it’s way out of my budget. Can you post more pictures of it? I’ll just view it at far.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Anya Ty

  6. Lou B.

    I love anime too but I haven’t seen this one yet. Will try to watch it if I can have a copy of it. How was the ending? Was the main character found?

    You don’t have to spoil me though.


  7. Mark S.

    I definitely recommend Summer Wars. Easily my favorite film of the past year.

  8. Marcus

    I will have to check out Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. There are so many good animes to watch and so little time to watch them.

  9. Metal

    I agree with Mark S., Summer Wars is great and also one of my favorite film of the past year. Check it out!

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