7 responses to “Spice and Wolf, Season 1”

  1. Miette-chan

    I really liked Spicy Wolf when I first watch it. At first I was hesitant to do so but my friend keep insisting it was about economics of all things.

    In the end what really ended making me stay for the journey was Lawrance and Holo’s development and how they grow closer together after each incident. I would love to see more of it, hopefully there will be a third season in the future.

  2. omo

    I’ve come full circle on this show. At first my impression is very much like yours. I even agree the dub can be pretty fun to watch, because it focuses a lot on their tit-tat. The Japanese dub is great, o/c. I eventually give into the light novels as they’re actually being actively published, and they’re pretty fun to read too.

    The problem is I find that a lot of the fandom about this title and the focus of the stories invariably focused on Horo, who she is (furry heathen goddess who can be naked at times), and the way she’s a huge tease and the way she carry herself. There’s also a very clear power play issue when it comes to her relationship with Lawrence. The more I had time to see how people react to it and how the stories turn around these key items the less I liked it.

    Not that I don’t like my share of all-powerful tsunderes, it just seemed a little too exploitative for my tastes as the concept kept running. The economics of it is amusing at time but somehow it feels a little too elementary, at least after 3 books (which goes up to half way into season 2). That’s the flip side of it for me–I wished the stories actually focused on the various economics aspect more, rather than somewhat of a pretense to develop the relationships behind the main characters.

  3. Smithy

    Love this series and one of the main elements that made it a great show to me is Lawrence and Horo’s interaction, especially their verbal banter is bliss. Though I’d recommend watching the original Japanese voice track to really get the full experience of these two characters expertly voiced by Fukuyama Jun and Koshimizu Ami.

    The plots that delved deeper into Horo and Lawrence’s relationship further in the second season, linked to Horo’s oft haughty airs and power over Lawrence made sense to me considering her being a deity as they both realize what struggles this will mean down the road.

    And Horo is simply ♥

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