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Mikoto and Kuroko as Maids

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19 responses to “Mikoto and Kuroko as Maids”

  1. kodomut

    I really love Mikoto’s back curves. Really sensual ^^!

  2. Smithy

    That figure of Misaka Mikoto is priceless, the expression is so spot on! ^^
    Or like Kuroko would say: お姉さま!!! (Followed by an attempt at pounce/grope.)
    Ah, Railgun was such a great show. ^^

  3. John "The American Otaku"

    Hi Super rats, great shots I love Mikoto’s expression and pose. If you are planning to come to NYCC let’s try to catch up for at the con. Thank you again for coming to my art opening last year it was great to chat with you.

  4. Miette-chan

    Ah, I can’t believe I didn’t noticed they were 1/6th scaled, pleasant surprised I suppose. Looking at them I like Mikoto more out of the two, the sexy back, the curves of her posture and her expression really make it for me. For Kuroko on the other side, while I like the pose and the energy she displays I can’t help but feel the face is off. May be it is the featureless gaping mouth or the closed eye that makes me think the face is off balance. Over all, nice simple figures showcasing both of the girls distinct personalities.

  5. Wieselhead

    these are two lovely maids ^-^
    personally I think Misaka appears a little bit prettier in such a dress
    I considered to buy both, but unfortunately other things came up

  6. Persocom

    I think the maid outfits are more interesting than their regular attire anyway, so these look great. Such nice details on them, the only thing that really doesn’t appeal to me are the bases and the fact they’re screwed into them. I suppose that connecting to each other redeems them a bit though. Great shots you really make them shine :)

  7. Mikoto and Kuroko as Maids | GoGoAnime

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  8. duqs

    I hhnnnnnngh’d the moment i saw Misaka posing like that XD. What’s really cool about this figure is how the costume neatly hugs her body while exposing her nicely sculpted back =D

  9. DimensionThree

    Didn’t consider these when they were first introduced but your inspiring pix of Misaka have made me order her. Fortunately AmiAmi has her on sale right now.. WooHoo!

    Your pix and lighting are as great as ever. ( Back shot of Misaka is the best. )

  10. Bloodfrost

    I passed on these figurines, mostly because i already have some of the original ones, i felt that these were a little out of place, granted i have not seen the second season in its entirety. I am not a huge fan of the whole maid outfit thing while both of these characters are exactly up my alley, i wasnt fond of the Dere look from our Tsundere Mikoto and i like to see Kuroko with a little bit more skin showing <_< =3 yes maybe im a pervert.

    Oh also, since u note that they are screwed into the bases, i should point out i hate the look of thos bases flat out and the fact that they are screwed in would make that an instant non purchase for us… haha thanks for that info.

  11. william wizer

    they look great.

    do you know of any website where I can buy them? I have tried to find them at my city but they aren’t anywhere and the only webs I find don’t look like good places to give a credit card number (I’m sure you understand what I mean)

    it must be a shop that can serve to spain.
    if you don’t want to post here you can contact me at my gmail: williamwizer
    thank you.

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