5 responses to “Rideback”

  1. feal87

    It was a great series. I’m a bit sad about the end of that poor girl though…

  2. Joojoobees

    I really did enjoy this show. The artwork was impressive. I understand your point about the political story versus the racing club story, and I think the political story was a bit too ambitious for the length of the series, but I actually thought the political story brought up some interesting issues, and really added soothing to the series.

    I probably would recommend this to my nieces if they were a bit older (they’re 7 and younger, and this show is too intense for that age), because it has a strong female character who tries to do what she thinks is right, and I think the idea that ballet training can be an asset in some other context is a pretty interesting one to explore.

  3. Wieselhead

    Its been a while, but I remember that I liked the show, it was full of stunning animation art and Rin was an interesting character.

    At the start I loved the show, but after episode 6 my enthusiasm dropped a bit.
    I didn’t really liked the military part, and after Rin got arrested the show was a bit rushed in my opinion.

    still sad about what happened to Suzuri :(

  4. Michelle

    This is a great post, and I agree with you about it belonging to a recently passed era. Have you read the article over at Manga UK? I found that interesting, too.


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