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Summertime Rin and Saber

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19 responses to “Summertime Rin and Saber”

  1. omo

    I think these two figures look most closely resembling Takeuchi’s original character designs for them, out of the myriad number of them already mass-produced.

    And I second you on lack of Rin. I like her over Saber for the most part, but of course with the armor and sword, Saber is “frakking” cool. To an extent I think that’s ultimately what sells; most people buy figures just because they look appealing, and not so much because of some subtle nuance of sculpture (although having a lot of that can add to a frakking cool figure) or the nature of the character in question. I guess it must have been a sales thing. Takeuchi’s character designs tend to be very clean and simple, without the sort of detail you see gracing the average adventure game character. And I think that’s we want in their figures for a large majority of us.

  2. John "The American Otaku"

    Rin is definitively my favorite as well. As usual you captured some amazing photos. I am glad to see that doing more shoots as far as I can tell it looks like your last shoot was back in February. I will post your photos on otakuden so my fans can also enjoy your exceptional work.

  3. Aka

    Excellent set of shots. Nice reflection in the mirror, a good set of portraits and I like the illusion of Saber walking up to Rin in the one picture. I think the last picture Saber looks too confident though, probably just from that angle with her arm towards the camera.

    Additionally I like the layout, the full width shots ending with the edge of the black background looks great.

    Lastly, Rin is my favourite, but hard to come by. Way back when, I managed to snag Good Smile’s 2005 Rin and that was the only Rin I owned until this Alter and Good Smile’s latest Rin. Still though, the original 2005 Rin seems the most dynamic and interesting of all of them, as she’s jumping over Berserker’s arm.

  4. Smithy

    Lovely photos, they really bring out the charm of these figures, especially Rin. ^^

  5. kodomut

    Lovely as usual. Love the subtle BSG vocabulary too ^.^

  6. Fabienne

    Nice to see a figure related post from you again, master =)

    Your pictures are really awesome, I love the soft lighting you’ve used.
    From the FSN franchise I also prefer Rin, she’s cool and more feminine than Saber.
    This sitting figure of her is quite charming, as I saw a few official pics I thought that her ears might be a bit big, but when looking at your pics I would like to get her for myself. She’s so pretty.

  7. anonymous_object

    Quite lovely figures. I am surprised more folks didn’t pick up these lovely ladies in their breezy summer attire ;) . I haven’t yet posted my photos of them (yes, I have them too) but plan to do so soon ^^;
    I have both figures but I also tend to appreciate Rin more than Saber. Although they are wearing the same outfit aside from the colors, Rin just looks better in it ;) The graceful sitting pose certainly does help it score additional points. Still, I do also like Saber. They’re both great figures as can be expected from Alter.

    P.S. Oh yes, nice photos as usual ;)

  8. Alexander

    Super photos! Love them!

  9. pluki7

    I feel so alone in wishing there were more Sakura figures… she gets no love. Wait, Taiga suffers even more! I really like those two…

    On topic, I agree that Rin is much sexier than Saber.

  10. Teshimide

    Rin is my favorite character

  11. Nightmare

    Great set of shots, love the lighting and background used in the last one. Both figures become far more desirable to grab after seeing them like this.

    Excellent job.

  12. Jamie

    When I was young, I really loved animes and I collect them especially robots. I just want to commend on your shots because I see also that you really had a great set of shots, love the lighting and background used in the last one. Both figures become far more desirable to grab after seeing them like this.

  13. Summertime Rin and Saber | GoGoAnime

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  14. Bloodfrost

    I saw both of these figurines but didnt go for them, i personally felt that they were boring. Rin is the better of the two without a doubt in this matchup however overall i do have to lean towards the Saber side of the argument. I cant say that i have a huge personal pref for either but if it came down to it, i would probably take Rin. The Tsundere attitude in the anime is just something i love. I think something that draws the most attention to Saber over all the other characters is her blond hair and blue eyes, a rarity in most anime so she will naturally stand out compaired to other characters.

    BTW, i love your pictures and the layout of your site, its very clean looking. Me and my wife are starting into this kinda stuff and we really are trying to look into ways to use props and such like you, you make it look very natural, nice work.

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