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Usagi Drop, A Fantasy

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16 responses to “Usagi Drop, A Fantasy”

  1. Smithy

    Loved “Usagi Drop” and quite like how you worded the last paragraph as it’s how I feel about it too, especially considering the particular feeling and atmosphere seen in the anime, the manga’s later plot turn seems like it undermines some of that magic. But that doesn’t really bother me as I’ve only really followed the anime and quite adore it.

  2. Dakuro

    Yeah is definitely a great anime, I didn’t read the manga yet but i’m gonna try it this week.

  3. Wieselhead

    A well written summary, I loved this show.
    Quite a different setting, with Daikichi trying to be a good single parent.
    I liked that Usagi Drop managed to be really heartwarming without being cheesy.

    I guess I don’t want to take a look into the manga, scared of a sad ending ^^

  4. Dark

    The drawing / quality on this anime looks amazing…I’ve never seen it but the picture makes it seem really realistic.

  5. Persocom

    Usagi Drop was by far one of the most enjoyable anime I’ve seen this year. A lot of things that happened in it I was quite familiar with either in my own childhood (the tree part) or my fatherhood (quite a few things). It was also nice to learn the differences in culture of child rearing in Japan, such as what they do with their teeth when they lose them. The eleven episodes were a masterpiece and though I would like to see more, I’m worried because of the manga situation. I was going to read the manga until I heard it nosedives, but I’d rather stick only to the anime adaption that I’ve grown to love.

  6. Fifi the Ninja

    I saw this in crunchyroll a few days ago, and I really wanted to watch it. Unfortunately it was in English subtitles! This makes me extremely excited to watch it now. Subtle, simple character growths are always the most fun to watch (like Ouran).

  7. fabricerequin

    Too me whats fantasy is the fact that Rin is simply too good to be true.
    To show such maturity as five years of age is really something, something in a good dam way because all i can think of a 5 year old is being a cry baby.

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  9. Joseph

    Thank you the amazing review. I am always on a look out for animes. A lot of animes have affected me in many ways. I am glad to hear a touching story that I know I will really enjoy. I am looking forward to finish 11 of its episodes.

  10. chromanga

    I am a mecha fan… but I will check this anime out… something to watch…. that touches the hear is never a bad thing…. thanks for the share…

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