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Otakon 2011

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12 responses to “Otakon 2011”

  1. Anchen

    I’ve had similar contemplation of feeling too old to be going to cons. I have basically reduced to just comic con/nyaf and otakon the last few years. Each time I usually find I enjoy myself though, if nothing else I meet up with some friends I don’t hang out with all the time, and enjoy reminiscing, catching up, and experiencing something we all enjoy. I’m sure at some point I’ll stop going but I’ve been going like 10 years now, and I still enjoy myself enough to convince myself to go next year.

  2. VManOfMana

    It was real fun hosting the Figure Panel with you again this Otakon. I really enjoyed the format; it went pretty smooth and the audience had a fun time too. I’d say it was a success =)

    Too bad a little accident didn’t let us hang out more time later in the day. Hopefully we get a chance next year.

    Looks like hot glue might become a meme ^^;;

  3. omo

    I think when I first went to Otakon back in ’98 I thought “man I am way too young for this.” Then at around 2004-05 I was like “man I am way too old” when I heard some of the exploits from my friend, hitting on 15yos. Now I’m just like LOL.

    It’s got to the point where now when I look at the 20-somethings lined up at the front of the panel room, doing their semi-pro and pro things, I ask myself why I wasn’t doing that when I was their age. Not that I regret so much as much as I think it’s kind of cool that some people just don’t give a damn about it, and keep on trucking. Like 70-some-odd-years old director Ishiguro hanging out with people like Makoto Shinkai, who’s just a little over half Ishiguro’s age.

  4. Positronic

    After missing a couple of years of Otakon, and subsequently hitting 30 and keeping on going, I wondered if Otakon would still be my thing. I’m happy to say that this was the best Otakon I’ve been to yet.

    I really enjoyed the figures and toys panel and think you guys should do one again next year.

  5. lastSKYsamurai

    I say consider yourself’s lucky. The day I ever get to a Convention I’ll be the happiest guy alive. Considering my Geological location it’s not likely to happen any time soon.

    Birth? Will you put up some Flickr shots? Anything mildly ARIA related I’m in for.

    Good to have you back super rats.

  6. Os

    I think I saw you with the guys at the Bandai After Dark panel, but I was too nervous to say “Hi.” haha.

    I understand how you feel. I said last year that I was done… but I ended up going again this year. I hope to go to Asia next summer so that /should/ keep me from going, but after the 20th anniversary Otakon (which of course YOU have to go to, also), I’m calling it quits… in theory.

  7. Doomfest

    So you’re the other guy that bought that Shigenori Soejima (Persona) artbook. They were down to the last one when I picked it up…

    Also, I didn’t realize you were one of the panelists! I got in a bit late and missed the introductions. It’s a small world, I’ve liked your photos since VManOfMana told me about Happysoda. Wonder if I talked to you after the panel without realizing it.

  8. Persocom

    Creeping up on 30 years old in another year, and I have yet to attend even a simple con. The longer I wait the more I wonder how out of place I’ll be really if I gather the courage to go. But hey, if the people that make the anime are older than us at times, I don’t think we have anything to be ashamed of.

  9. Kyleey

    Too old for Anime? seriously? There’s no age limit for Anime, just like there is no age limit on cartoons! I’m in my 20s and still loving Pokemon!

    I live in Australia, so we don’t get awesome conventions like in the US however, so I guess that kinda sucks. Our biggest conventions are held in Sydney, and there aren’t too many people there – guess most Australian’s aren’t interested in it.

    On a side note, the above poster, “melody”, just posted a spam post lol

  10. Fifi the Ninja

    I’m 24, and I’ve never been to a Con. I don’t live anywhere near a real one. Next year, I’m planning to go to Otakon (it’s the biggest one near me and it’s still 6 hours away.) Like Kyleey said, anime knows no age limits! :) I’m even going to cosplay.

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