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Figure Review: Dwarf from Orchid Seed

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20 responses to “Misconceptions of a Dwarf”

  1. desolato

    Oh my, your pictures are gorgeous. They would want to make everyone buy this figure in an instant. Props!~

  2. Smithy

    Lovely figure! She looks quite cute. Great photos too. ^^
    Can only spot the painting imperfections here and there when you look at the full scale photos.

  3. Joseph

    NICE Pictures! Great looking figure! She looks quite cute!

  4. Fabienne

    Oh you ordered her as well, nice ;)

    Dwarf is a very cute figure overall im more than satisfied
    and I love her cute face with the twintail hairstyle.
    On close view the paintjob on her hair looks a bit rough
    but it doesn’t really bothers me.

    You made very pretty pictures of her, good job =)

  5. Tier

    I thought the female dwarves in L2 were a bit off-putting as well, since the male dwarves look just as you’d expect. It’s a bit strange to see burly, bald, bearded dwarf dudes linked up with smiling, prepubescent little anime-style girls.

    I’ve found Orchid Seed to be wildly inconsistent in a number of respects. Ameri Kawai is pretty bad for a technical perspective but their Happoubi Jin figures are excellent. Sometimes they have a real problem getting scale sizes accurate; their Happoubi Jin figures are again fine but the Lineage II elf girl figure seems to be a lot smaller than it should be. Even their sources vary a lot, and they don’t seem to have a favorite franchise to draw from, unlike most other figure makers. I was very surprised when I learned they were making figures based off of a relatively outdated Korean MMO, but as I really like the character designs from that game I’m pretty happy the dwarf girl turned out very nicely. I’m hoping their dark elf figure represents more of the same.

  6. James

    I’m jealous, this one is so cute, i just love her !

    But no money so yeah :(

    Awesome pics as usual and i’m glad to see you posting more figures reviews :)

  7. Persocom

    Beautiful shots ^^ I agree she looks much more like a pixie or otherwise, not much like a dwarf as how we know them to be. Nevertheless she’s a near perfect figure, and I think the bloomers add character to her without being cast-off.

  8. Blowfish

    That first picture just reminded me why you were the one that got me interested in figures in the first place.Those are some really,really gorgeous pictures I could look at all day long.

    I am amazed shes called Dwarve though ^^;

  9. radiant

    wait, this is Orchid Seed?! They’ve come a long way in quality! Maybe I should re-invest!

  10. Dinara

    How can such a cute and well made figure be called a Dwarf!! (and I agree dwarfs have beards no matter the gender)

    But she is a wonderfully cute figure. I very much like the detail on this figure and her design.

    You do a very great job with your photos!

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