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Twelve Days of Anime, Post 6: Eight Was Great

10 responses to “Twelve Days of Anime, Post 6: Eight Was Great”

  1. Chag

    Ah, Endless Eight…I remember when my friend posed the possibility of it running for eight entire episodes at around episode three. Back then I just laughed it off, thinking the KyoAni crew wouldn’t possibly go to such extremes for a joke. But as the episodes rolled on, my skepticism quickly spiraled into horror and disbelief as I began to accept the truth in my friend’s speculation.

    Looking back, Endless Eight really was a genuinely exciting anime event. It was kind of like some sort of perverse festival in which the anime-watching joined together in their outcries. If the arc itself isn’t entertaining, watching people flip out on /a/ certainly was. While it’s a shame that my enthusiasm for the franchise that was so dear to me was somewhat undermined by Endless Eight, it was nevertheless a truly memorable stunt. Besides, the Haruhi movie just came out, and if it lives up to its considerable hype, then I’m sure it would reinvigorate my passion for the franchise~

  2. Smithy

    While the Endless Eight arc was well animated and it’s always a joy to see the Haruhi gang, I personally felt it was too long and somewhat of a waste since after waiting for so long since the first Haruhi series/season originally aired, it would no doubt have been better for the franchise to see other story parts included in the second season.

    However, the Endless Eight are a good buildup towards the movie to emphasize what Nagato has had to go through.

  3. Miette-chan

    My reaction to Endless Eight was mild annoyance, not because of the length itself but because the longer it went the less new material would be adapted.

    Although now that the novels are being released in English I look back it as an interesting experiment, even more surprising that KyoAni for whatever reason did not cave in and cut it short.

  4. lastSKYsamurai

    Is it all essential viewing? Or could I get away with just watching the first & last two episodes for times sake? Seasion one is all I’ve seen, I wonder if I’m missing out on anything…

  5. Schultzz

    looks like you love Haruhi as much as I do, and indeed I loved endless eigth and someday in the rain, in fact there’s not one episode i dislike about haruhi.

  6. The Jimmy

    Cool article, Haruhi always making me giggle…

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