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Twelve Days of Anime, Post 4: To The Poles

8 responses to “Twelve Days of Anime, Post 4: To The Poles”

  1. Chag

    Panty may very well be the most progressive female character of the year. That’s a pretty scary thought. Personally, I’m inclined to view P&S as a exploration of the gap between east and west. Comparing the average bishoujo character to Panty reminds me of the differences between American and Japanese female porn actresses — there seems to be a clear distinction between the ideals of female sexuality between the east and the west.

  2. Mizorui

    The Japanese are putting their perspective about the western culture through this anime. Take Hollywood for example, sex scandals and almost all the movies have sex scenes.

  3. Fabienne

    My main problem with the show was the animation style,
    I think if they would use the animation style from the transforming
    scenes I would like the show a bit more, but with the last few episodes
    I got more used to it .
    since the demon sisters entered the stage the show is also
    much more fun for me.

    Panty is cool, at first she appeared a bit too nasty to me,
    but I like her cool and slutty side now.
    Well I still prefer Stockings in the end :)
    From my point of view the image of women in anime is a bit different from
    the real world, in anime they are cute and kind most of the time.
    P&S just shows it the other way around the main characters curse, are impolite and have dirty thoughts but somehow they are still cute in my opinion XD

  4. Miette-chan

    I like this show, you can clearly see Gainax is having fun with everything from the characters, the animation style, and the scripts.

    I like the protagonists, uncouth and selfish, much like real people.

  5. Teshimide

    I love this anime show

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