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Turns a Whiter Shade of Pale, Blanc Neige from Max Factory

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27 responses to “Turns a Whiter Shade of Pale, Blanc Neige from Max Factory”

  1. Tsubaki

    Holy shit. This shoot is awesome. So beautiful, and hiddenly perverse.

  2. alafista

    wow this is a nice shoot, gave me a nose bleed. When I saw the stock photos elsewhere it wasn’t as sexy as yours.

  3. El Servas

    This set is awesome! ^_^ Kudos!

  4. lu-k

    Haha I definitly agree with all what you said about swimsuit figurines. The things about light and shadow over body shapes, the stuff about scultor anatomy skills…
    I took photos of my Hakufu in black bikini, and exactly as you say (sorry for quoting but I can’t find better words) : “I like this figure a lot more after photographing her” :D

  5. Stripey

    She has such beautiful eyes. Great pics as usual!

  6. V2

    your shots deeply impress me! can you provide a shot of the whole setup!?

    ugh… i managed to let blanc pass by, but after seeing those pics im somewhat reconsidering!

  7. ron~

    waaah, very nice photoshot, superb indeed

    nothing less expected from super rats ^^b I like the idea of putting the tiny flowers :D very pretty

  8. Adun

    The awesome thing about photographing swimsuit figures is the the ability to bring out the nice skin tone of the figures through the lighting, which makes it look fairly realistic. Though such a shame as I’m not really into swimsuit figures. Good pics as usual.

  9. Danny Choo

    Awesome stuff as usual.
    I want to upload my pics to Flickr too. Do you get sad folks complaining or reporting your images? I ask because I have had hate mail in the past me my photos.

  10. Gwennan

    Good day, I am commenting here for the first time. Hope that it is not the last time though. :)
    Dear HappySoda, your pictures are awesome and it’s a real gift from a nature to have such talent. :) I don’t know if it is a bad feeling, but I’m feeling some kind of a good envy at such talent, cause my pictures are not that perfect. :)

  11. LianYL

    The first picture blew me away.

    Hey rats, I have an idea for you to make money. Start selling posters of your photoshoots. Don’t provide linking to hi-res versions of your pictures so that you can sell hi-res posters. The first poster set I’d purchase from you is that set of ROD photos.

    But of course make it quality prints.

  12. LianYL

    A second possibility would be to compile your past year photos and pick the best out of each set and print calendars to sell.

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  14. tj han

    Woah. I knew this figure was hot… swimsuit figures well done are really elegant and beautiful. Excellent pictures as usual! I still can’t get the hang of indoor shooting though, tragically.

  15. Tsubaki

    super rats, sell t-shirts with your shoots and compete directly with tj han for t-shirt sales.


  16. truesper

    Do you have any shots of the left side of her head? I love my Blanc Neige, but dislike some very visible production flaws along the sides of head in the hair.

    You can kindof see them in the shots at http://otaku.melbindo.com/?p=86
    (“Close up front view” and “sexy back view”). Note the distinct curved lines where parts meet.

    I don’t see them in your shots, so I am wondering if it’s atypical or if your photos are just carefully selective :-D .

  17. tangey

    Just out of curiosity, are there any female anime figures out there without the revealing clothing/big breasts, don’t have pink on them, and have short black hair?

    Breathtaking photos, btw. Go and make some $ out of your photography skills.

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    [...] amazed by so many figures he still has for sale that you can barely find anywhere, like Yuukanalia, Blanc Neige swimsuit, Rindou Rina, Pachira, Saber swimsuit (leaner) and many others. I had never seen the MG Hi-Nu box [...]

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    [...] version of her figures was release, there’s the Max Factory version that you can see here at super rats’ blog and the President version at shino’s blogWhen I first saw the prototype of her, my first [...]

  20. Jen

    I love the pictures. They make the figurine even more pretty. ^_^ I’m using the photo of the bosom with the itty bitty flowers as my desktop background (hope you don’t mind). It’s so beautiful; I adore the softness.

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