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Twelve Days of Anime, Post 1: Streaming Anime

10 responses to “Twelve Days of Anime, Post 1: Streaming Anime”

  1. Panther

    I am one of those that prefer keeping up with current shows, but I do note what shows I want to watch before each new season, and then only watch any others if a good many people recommend it and have good reviews (ie. ones that show the series fits what I want to watch).

    Admittedly, keeping up once a week can waste time or be so darn frustrating, but if I do marathon any series, I know I always want to try and finish them in one sitting, which, for certain long series, can get rather difficult to do without messing up some schedule or other.

    Each of the viewing habits have their pros and cons, so I guess just going with which one you prefer is best.

  2. Smithy

    I tend to watch several shows each season that I keep up with weekly, more often watching an episode every day/every two days depending on how many shows I watch as a daily dose of anime means a nice half hour break for me.

    With this, after a few weeks into a new season it becomes obvious what series that I enjoy as those I that I do like I’ll definitely keep up with weekly while those that I don’t care for as much will probably slowly get a backlog until I realize I’ve just about dropped them.

    Only every so often do I marathon series and that usually means watching two or three episodes in a row every x days until the series is finished. Just don’t have the time to finish a show in a single day or so.

    Although you could say that licensing means the series will already get filtered, enough shows slip past that one can wonder who ever had the idea to invest in licensing and releasing them while other gems may never get picked up for licensing.

    “So-Ra-No-Wo-To” FTW. I’m interested in Aisha’s boobies too… lucky Noel.

  3. Fabienne

    I like to watch shows that are currently airing as well as marathoning anime shows, where all episodes are available at once.
    the bad thing with shows that are currently is the weekly waiting time.
    Im also more critical when I’ve waited a week for the next episode and then it turned out a bit bad.

    I can’t watch anime at my PC everything is distracting me there and so I cant concentrate very well on the show Im watching :D
    therefore I watch most of my anime via aharddisk media player on the tv screen.

  4. anonymous_object

    Although I do sometimes watch anime series as they air, I also don’t have the time or motivation to always keep up with weekly new episodes so I have a long backlog of series I want/still need to watch. There are definitely some advantages to waiting a year or two to watch a show as after that much time has passed there will be numerous reviews available to filter out the crap. There’s far too much anime out there to watch everything so I do rely on opinions from friends and respectable reviewers to determine what gets my time. For example, I am watching Ore no Imouto because it seemed interesting from the previews but it has actually turned out to be a very mediocre show. Had I waited 1-2 years, I would have known it wasn’t worth my time :-/

    This is my philosophy on games. Not only do I get great deals on games after 1+ years, I also get the benefit of knowing what the market deemed good or not. A double win ^^b

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