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Hold That Taiga

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15 responses to “Hold That Taiga”

  1. Fychan

    Actually, Ryuuji’s character development is much more interesting than Taiga’s. I got a bit disappointed with Taiga’s, but that’s probably because I don’t like tsunderes all that much.

    As for the figure, I never liked it all that much. It’s beautifully sculpted, but a bit too vertical for my tastes. Or perhaps it’s that long chair that creeps me out. I’ll never know.

  2. Thanatos

    Quite a nice figure. I like the overall idea and the sculpt brings it to life. I can’t believe how detailed they were with Taiga, showing the depressions of the musculature of her shoulder blades and back when you’re extending your arms far front like that.

    The chair itself is designed where I want a full scale one for my house. It would look nice by the bar counter in the kitchen.

  3. DonKangolJones

    It’s a beautiful figure in a beautiful settings. I’m amazed at the detail they put into her. Not just her face, but the skin and the body itself.

  4. Aka

    I really didn’t like Taiga after watching a couple of episodes. She really got on my nerves, I felt there was nothing to like about her, she reminded me a lot of Louise in that respect. It was the wrong mix of tsundere I think. Shana had a good mix if we stick to the same voice actor.

    That said, she’s definitely cute when she’s done up right. This figure never fails to catch my eye, likely the long legs and china dress but the whole thing seems to work so well. Ignoring the base of course.

    Why do figure manufacturers make such horrible bases 95% of the time? They pick an ugly colour and it ruins so much, just make it clear or design something interesting like the upcoming Houmei or Volks’ Horo.

  5. Miette-chan

    Ah! I had totally forgotten about this figure. I was a bit sad about not getting her due to her exclusive nature but I can’t help but be disappointed. I don’t find her to be a bad figure but definitely not the price I would have paid to get her. Still I like how her slim body makes that dress work.

    As far as Toradora itself, watch it. It’s not just a random harem story with a tsundere lead. In fact I don’t find Taiga to be a tsundere at all, plus Toradora is one of those nice shows where the main cast gets some nice character development.

  6. Yumeka

    Lovely figure~ There haven’t been many good figures of Taiga even after all these years…this is the best I’ve seen =D I personally think she’s one of the most well written tsundere characters – a prime example of the trope done right.

  7. Blowfish

    Throughout the whole Anime I never really got warm with Taiga and even in the End I didnt really like her.I was really impressed with Amis Character Development though and overall ToraDora is definately one of the better Shows out there.
    The Chair does indeed look pretty troublesome and from my guess id say it wont be able to hold her weight. ^^;

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