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Black Rock Shooter Animation Version

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19 responses to “The BRS: Experimental Jet Set Trash and No Star”

  1. kodomut

    Been a long time since you shot a figure ^^; I love your shots as usual, very dust free, unlike mine! Hope I can get my hands on one of her!
    .-= kodomut´s last blog: Cows came home =-.

  2. Miette-chan

    I share the same sentiment about the whole BRS line. I like the design the unique aesthetic they have, that’s what keeps me interested in these figures.

    I opted to skip BRS in favor of DM since I liked her design more. Looking at these pictures I’m regretting that a bit, BRS animation version is starting to grow on me. Plus a figure that looks good in so many angles really tickles my fancy.

  3. Tier

    I’ve come to the same sentiment regarding her background; I felt compelled to watch the OVA but I dunno, it feels like it cheapens the figure somehow. Like their ideas for her didn’t come close to what they could have done. There are some characters that I really want a figure of based on what I know of them; this is a figure that I bought that I’d rather know less than what I do.

    On that note, I think I’ll put on hold my plans to watch the various Nanoha television series and simply base my impressions of the characters from the various home-made comic books that they’ve been featured in; I’ll probably be much more satisfied that way.
    .-= Tier´s last blog: Buddy from Voices from Har Megiddo =-.

  4. anonymous_object

    Hmmm, she is a lovely figure indeed. I was quite pleased with my BRS Blade version and it looks like this version is every bit as awesome.
    I know what you mean about BRS as a character. I became fascinated by the her through the many excellent fan illustrations of her. In fact, I didn’t listen to the song until after many months of enjoying art of BRS. And for me, that’s what’s she’s still about. I haven’t watched the OVA and may never. Heard it was pretty mediocre from several friends. I’d rather not spoil my image of her character ;)

    Anyway, love the photos. Excellent as always!
    .-= anonymous_object´s last blog: Art Watch 7 =-.


    The incredible thing about these figures is that, as you said, they don’t feel redundant even though they depict the same design. I guess it’s a combination of a lot of things; Huke’s unique illustrations, different sculptors, different companies. I don’t follow the figure scene closely enough to know the sculptors but I imagine the BRS products have some big names working on them.

    The chains really caught my eye in that sideways shot (the one with the canon). It’s very… dynamic? It’s like a shot from an action scene frozen in place. I know BRS was never a standard bishoujo character, but for the amount of generic figure poses I’ve seen, it’s refreshing to see something so alive despite being static.
    .-= ETERNAL´s last blog: Style and Aesthetics in ef – a fairy tale of the two =-.

  6. Fabienne

    These are really nice and interesting looking pictures, especially the pictures where it seems like she can stand without help.

    before this Anime Version figure was announced I was not very thrilled by the other BRS figure because the pose was not my cup of tea.
    As soon as I saw the Anime Version figure with her overwhelming cool pose
    I thought I have to get her no matter what :D
    unfortunately my figure is this in the shipping process , I hope that I will also get my star sticker in the next few days.

    I liked the style of the OVA, there wasn’t much information given about the BRS character itself maybe her voice could ruin the image of her a bit, well she wasn’t very talkative to begin with. ;)
    .-= Fabienne´s last blog: Dressing up PVC figures =-.

  7. takuya13

    welcome back!! i thought the blog had died! =D.

  8. AS

    Very nice pics. The highlighted areas are accented pretty well. Seems like I missed out when I didn’t pre-order this BRS. Nice to see you back.

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