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Momohime by Alter

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33 responses to “Momohime <3”

  1. lu-k

    Waiting for mine to arrive hu hu hu =)
    I gave in to her charm too. Truly appealing. And this short kimono is so… mmmmhh!
    Love your 2nd last shot! this side view is gorgeous, and the movement given by her lines is great.
    .-= lu-k´s last blog: Engaku-ji =-.

  2. Leonia

    Momohime get recenlty. The face is really original, maybe a little strange for many. But the sculpture is definitly great, for example the base nice and original (not like other “tuperware base”). I really like pictures with red/white background ^^ I need time to make my review ^^

  3. Miette-chan

    Momohime really became more popular than I expected. I do wish not everyone reviewed her at the same time, it’s like Haruhi Gekisou ver. all over again for me. Kinda getting tired of seeing her everywhere.

    With that said, your pictures surprised me, when I first the first one I thought it was streaks of blood. As if Momohime just finished slaying an enemy, then I noticed it was more along the lines of a wheat field, kinda like the ones you can see on the game. Pretty neat.

  4. Vixion

    always great like ussual

    i like the feel you made


    especially this one >_<

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  6. Chag

    Fantastic shots, dude! I REALLY like the red stuff that you used — what is that?
    .-= Chag´s last blog: Review- 1-8 Senjougahara Hitagi =-.

  7. Tier

    Beautiful pictures, and I agree with pretty much everything you wrote. I check a few Japanese review sites and I think I’ve only seen one such site with a writeup for this figure, whereas I’ve seen several English-language reviews already and I know of at least a couple more people that are working on them. That’s a bit curious and I wonder if Momohime had better sales overseas than average.
    .-= Tier´s last blog: Fate T Harlaown from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Shin Sonic Form Version =-.

  8. Aka

    As always, great shots superats! Like Chag, I too wonder what that red stuff is in the pictures. At times it looks familiar enough I should know what it is, but others it looks almost like streaks of blood as Miette wrote.

    I hadn’t thought about it much until Tier, but have I seen any Japanese posts about Momohime? Looking back I can only find 3 such posts on Japanese blogs, as well as foo-bar-baz having purchased her. I have to say, none of them are as good as the English reviews I’ve seen either in terms of picture quality and especially creativity. Interesting.

    I’m now curious why that might be. The one theory that pops into my head is perhaps her appearance overall. To a western audience she’s beautiful yet foreign in appearance, exotic because of her Japanese attire. But perhaps to the Japanese themselves she’s their own history (albeit fictional) and just maybe that’s not as appealing to them. I can’t see it but it’s the best I’ve got at the moment.
    .-= Aka´s last blog: On Order- Kotobukiya Kanbaru Suruga =-.

  9. phossil

    really love this figure and the pictures you took.
    Im using one as desktop wallpaper. ;)
    .-= phossil´s last blog: A week in Guatemala 2 =-.

  10. AS

    I really wanted to get her but my lack of funds prevented me from pre-ordering her. One of the few figures that made me really want to put an order for. Sad to hear about the flaws in her. I really like the third to the last picture, the darker tone and shadow on one side of her face is a nice touch.
    .-= AS´s last blog: Addicted to Curry-Manga Review =-.

  11. Visual Fanfare

    Great write up and clean photos as always! Interesting point about her pupils, I didn’t even notice it! It’s really interesting how she received so many reviews in such a short time. There are also so many great pictures of her out there, Momohime definitely has a lot of fans! =)

    I was going to write out a review for her too, but since so many are popping up recently, I thought I’d write about Seena first.
    .-= Visual Fanfare´s last blog: Max Factory- Seena Kanon swimsuit version =-.

  12. Fabienne

    good review, the picture with her face from the side is really nice.

    I like this figure a lot she was an instant get as I saw her on pictures of Wonfes
    her petite body, all the fine details and the color tones are looking beautiful together.
    she has an unique look, like that from Alter’s Gwendolyn,the conversion of these 2d game related characters into a figure is very well done.
    the seam line at her arm is a bit bothersome but I couldn’t really notice the thing you’ve mentioned about her pupils.
    .-= Fabienne´s last blog: Review- Shining Wind Seena Swimsuit version by Max Factory =-.

  13. Fabrice Requin

    I great figure indeed =)
    definetly worth having, i really love what you did with the bg, suits very well =)
    and beautiful photos.

    *subcribes to your post =)

  14. watch anime

    love the picture!
    .-= watch anime´s last blog: Kaichou Wa Maid-sama! Episode 20 =-.

  15. Smithy

    Have been seeing photos of this figure around, though these are among the best that really illustrate what a great figure it is.

    What’s most striking indeed as you said is she looks great from near any angle, making her very versatile in display possibilities. Saber Lily is a great figure, but she looks her best from specific angles, Monohime looks great from most angles.
    .-= Smithy´s last blog: Queen’s Blade Utsukushiki Toushi-tachi OVA 1 =-.

  16. anonymous_object

    A truly lovely figure. I received my Momohime a few days ago so I will also be adding some photos of my own soon ;) I haven’t had a chance to inspect her closely but I’ll be on the look out for that eye problem you mention. From my brief scanning of her in the box, I couldn’t pick it out. Either way, I don’t think it will be enough to detract from her otherwise excellent presentation ^^.
    .-= anonymous_object´s last blog: Yui Meets Moiraine Rin =-.

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  20. JJ

    Ive honestly never read this blog or other figurine review sites, but I just recieved this figure and had to comment.
    I do have a Wii as well as the other two systems and I honestly dont think its inferior. Muramasa is a really fun game although pretty simple, but the art is legendary. This figure accurately portrays the style and dynamicism if Momohime and the game in general. Its really REALLY well crafted. The cutline doesnt bother me, but I only have a couple dozen figures in all and some of them have interchangeable parts. nobody notices the joints from viewing distance anyway.
    As for her pupils, I honestly didnt notice and I dont think it stands out enough to make a difference. I was pretty shocked at how short her Kimono is. I mean, its not covering much of anything below her waist.

  21. Jigen Bakudan

    Saw this review, and immediately hunted down whatever Momohime figure I could find. Luckily I found one after several hours. Thank you for this beautiful review, with beautiful, illustrious pictures. I am now waiting for mine to arrive.

  22. Alter: Momohime

    [...] been talked about in other reviews, such as the one from Tier, Excelica Meteor, Autaku, Tomopop, HappySoda, Shadonia, and a bunch on MFC. Do a Google search and you’ll get a bunch of other [...]

  23. Pinkcheeks

    Oh hello Happy Soda! Your blog has one of the best photos of my favorite figure, ever! Great photos and review of Momohime!

    Mabuhay from your fan here from the Philippines! :D

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