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Sad Fate by Alter

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20 responses to “Sad Fate by Alter”

  1. LianYL

    Cool. I’m still waiting for mine to restock.

  2. Zyl

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos! The soft focus from the business end of Bardiche Zamber was my favourite.

  3. Adun

    Indeed its a beast! Notice the best thing about Fate is when she’s with a black backdrop she just looks totally awesome?

  4. ikimashou.net - we do otaku » Mayu no Ichizoku Trading Figures and a HappySoda of Fate

    [...] on, though, HappySoda has a high quality, yet classy, review of Alter's extremely dynamic Fate PVC. Yessir, she's high quality… just look at the damn thing and hit the jump for the [...]

  5. deftoned

    Great pics. I just got my Alter Fate a few days ago and I absolutely love it. I have both the GSC and Alter Fate figures now, so I was thinking of writing up something quick comparing the two of them because I really haven’t seen that online anywhere.

    You mentioned that Fate didn’ fit into a Detolf display case and was wondering as to whether it was too wide, long, or tall. Is it her barrier jacket or Bardiche? I was planning on getting one of those in the couple months, so I was curious.

  6. lu-k

    She does look awesome! I have the GSC one, and was a little disapointed by the support for Bardiche.
    I’m thinking more and more about getting this one… and more again after having seen your great pictures!

  7. Tsubaki

    SUPERRATS! What happened to your usual trademark of adding foreign objects into the shot? This photoshoot feels so incompete! How can you do this to the great Fate-tan-onee-sama! xD

  8. radiant

    I had just sold my Fate. She’s too big to fit anywhere, and I had no room to store the box. Beautiful clean sculpt though. Nice simple details. But in the end, I couldn’t keep her.

  9. lu-k

    Nop, it doesn’t. Well in fact it does, but not horizontally. It needs a support. You may have noticed it thanks to deftoned comparison.

  10. Danny Choo

    Fantastic shots as usual.
    Would love to see where you keep your figures usually.

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    [...] I wonder if I should bother taking bad photos of her, even though someone else already did [...]

  12. Obsessive Plastic Lurv

    [...] not need to be a fan of Fate to enjoy this figure. Lots of pictures abound of this lovely figure, Super rats has absolutely lovely shots, as well as [...]

  13. Moé Idolatry · Fate Awaits

    [...] yen Friend Bought it for About $90.00 AU Availability – HLJ (at time of writing) May Restock Links HappySoda’s entry ENG Moé Moé Rabu’s entry ENG Otadesho’s entry ENG Toys Workz entry [...]

  14. Homepage

    Click here….

    Nice site. Check out this one sometime……

  15. T.I.P.

    Really nice figure. Too bad it’s really hard to find her nowadays. :( I guess I’ll have to make due with the True Sonic Form version, though I would love to get my hands on this one.

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