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The Treasure of Otakon 2010

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20 responses to “The Treasure of Otakon 2010”

  1. anonymous_object

    Sweet loot ^^. I pass on the figures too since just about everything is overpriced. Instead, I go for items I normally wouldn’t buy like wallscrolls, posters, little knick-knacks, etc. Basically stuff that is best critiqued in person and can be impulsed purchased xD. Also, usually lots of manga!

    I do like those artbooks you selected. I don’t have any of them but they’re all on my super-long wishlist. Nice picks!
    .-= anonymous_object´s last blog: Gwendolyn &amp Mercedes by Alter =-.

  2. Colette

    I love that 100 masters artsbook — I bought it earlier this year and its one of my favorites I have ever seen.

    I like that your dog made it into the header shot. If I had seen him in the dealer’s room I wouldn’t have been able to pass him up ^__^

  3. omo

    Didn’t realize those shirts went up to XXXL. I was like, “oh it only goes up to XL like every other cospa shirt and since it’s JP size it’s more like a L so w/e” but man, I liked a couple of those. Should’ve asked. Would’ve bought this Summer Wars King Kazuma shirt they had.

  4. Smithy

    Nice loot! Have those Shimada Humikane and Kantoku artbooks as well and they are simply gorgeous, you’ll love them, they’re well worth it. ^^
    .-= Smithy´s last blog: Sono Hanabira Ni Kuchizuke Wo- Anata To Koibito Tsunagi OAV review =-.

  5. AS

    I often buy stuff that I never use as well. I have a couple of t-shirts, anime cups, dakimakura covers, art books, and other things I just want to have. I like your FLCL shirt. Our convention also had dealers who complained about not turning a profit, it’s possibly due to the economy so nothing we can do about it. Plus, I agree with you about the booths selling the same thing as other booths and when that happens there’s price comparison and the cheaper booth wins.
    .-= AS´s last blog: Japan Trip January 2010 Part 5 =-.

  6. takuya13

    Hey! i got the 100 masters of moe book too <3 great buy is great =3

  7. Fabienne

    your dog is so cute, I have one of the same size at home ;D

    I own the 100 masters of moe, too. its very popular these days.
    the artbooks of Noizi Ito and Kantoku are very nice, but I prefer the style of Kantoku a bit more.
    mhh I’d like to have this Evangelion t-shirt,too
    .-= Fabienne´s last blog: I’m off – at least for 7 days =-.

  8. Aka

    100 masters and Kantoku are great artbooks. I picked them up a while back. I agree though the translated material left much to be desired. I guess the artists aren’t that interesting in speech.

  9. Fabrice Requin

    Dam im so jealous about the artbooks you now have =)… =(

  10. Persocom

    Cute dog XD out of all this the one thing I would want most is the Shimada Humikane book. It’s on the list of must-find items in the future. I don’t know if I’ll ever attend a con though. Not really feeling the urge to get out and go to one, I guess I’m too anti-social XD
    .-= Persocom´s last blog: Ioryogi Plush Doll by Chara-Ani =-.

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