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Sanya V. Litvyak from Alter

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28 responses to “Sanya V. Litvyak”

  1. Wisedog

    Great pics, I like the second morning light image.

    I don’t remember if Alter announced a figure for Eila but I would definitely get her as well. Sanya without Eila just doesn’t feel right.

    Did the paint on the rocket launcher handle transfer over to her hand on yours like it did with mine?

    I also noticed that there was a thin piece that came loose between the handle and the shoulder rest and for the life of me I don’t know if she uses that in the show or if that just happens to be a defect that should have been glued properly.

    Aside from those two, I don’t spot any thing else on mine.

  2. Chag

    Loving the “night” shots — they instantly remind me of this illustration that I’ve used for my desktop a while ago!

    While the pose isn’t the most exciting one out of the dozen of Strike Witches figures out there, I have to agree that this one suits suits her quiet personality perfectly. When Kotobukiya tried to get fancy with their Sanya, it came out really awkward and wrong.

    I wonder what gave Sanya the privilege of getting to wear a skirt. I’m guessing the character designer really couldn’t think of a way to have a Russian character go bare-legged, ha!
    .-= Chag´s last blog: Weekly Highlights- Armchair Figure Marketing =-.

  3. Kamugin

    I’d like to see her with a more flying like pose and with her radar antennae on, but this one probably is the best Sanya we will get. Mine is on the way from AmiAmi already.
    .-= Kamugin´s last blog: Taiga Aisaka Miss Contest ver review =-.

  4. Kamugin

    Koto’s Sanya is disgusting. This one being the definitive Sanya is true perhaps. I’m worried about the possibility of her weight breaking her base since she is supported by just one metal rod like that.

    I already got Alter’s Miyafuji and Kotobukiya’s Lynette and Eila. I’ll get Lucchini and Perrine by AmiAmi, the remaining ones I’ll see which maker do better and get them.
    .-= Kamugin´s last blog: Taiga Aisaka Miss Contest ver review =-.

  5. Tier

    I really dislike animal ears and tails on girls but I think I can make an exception for the Strike Witches. I like how Sanya has such a peaceful expression while hauling a quad rocket launcher (which is an awesome weapon, by the way. I was just a little kid the last time I watched Commando and I don’t recall much of the movie, but I vividly remember when the heroine busted the governor free with a quad rocket launcher).

    Think I’m guilty as anyone of abusing those low f-numbers XD You get a fast lens, it’s so hard to resist the temptation to jack it wide open and go to town with that razor-thin depth of field. It’s one of those bad habits that I’ll grow out of, one of these days.
    .-= Tier´s last blog: Revy from Black Lagoon =-.

  6. Miette-chan

    Such a shame to hear that you are skipping out on Spicy Wolf.

    It took me a while to get into Strike Witches. I couldn’t get over the no pants and girls with animal ears and tails flying with chunks of WW2 ear fighters on their legs thing. It all seem to ridiculous for me, I’m glad I did as Sanya is probably my favorite Strike Witch out of the bunch.

    As for Sanya I like this figure, a more reasonable pose than Koto’s helps. I also like her design the most out all the girls. Above all though, I like her face in my opinion it portrays Sanya’s quiet and demure personality.

  7. Fabienne

    Ah Sanya, the most timid girl has the biggest weapon XD

    This Sanya figure looks very good much better than the one from Kotobukiya
    even though they did a good job with their Lynette.

    Again very nice pictures,the dawn effect with the pink sheet of paper looks great.
    Im not that interested in the figures of Strike Witches, but when Alter is planning to make Lucchini I will order her ;)
    .-= Fabienne´s last blog: Review- Marisa Kirisame by Kotobukiya =-.

  8. Fabrice Requin

    Wow im simply suprised at how good the quality is!
    She looks very nice =) and the photos you took of her is great!

  9. phossil

    I like how the tie gives to this figure a sense of motion. ;)
    great pics you took!
    .-= phossil´s last blog: Wonder Festival 2010 and giveaway winner =-.

  10. Aka

    Ah! Another one like Tier, hating on things because of animal ears! Horo is great in Spice & Wolf. But I can totally see where you’re coming from. I personally avoid shows with women who have large breasts, for no other reason than they have large breasts and I find that unappealing. On that note, I hate how the most ‘adult’ women in anime have the largest breasts (generalization).

    Having watched Strike Witches because of your two posts on the series I’ve gained an interest in the figures that have been released. I think so far Sanya’s my favourite, but I think I’d like to get a figure of many of the witches. Though it seems unlike many, I don’t mind Koto’s adaptation and blatant fanservice. But Alter’s looks superior regardless.

  11. Smithy

    Nice photos, that Sanya figure does look lovely.

    Perhaps the reason there’s not more figures of these girls around is that several different figure makers are just doing one or two each, and none like Alter or so has really committed to doing the full 501st line up?
    .-= Smithy´s last blog: Yoko and Shizuko in the garden =-.

  12. lu-k

    If I could, I’d get all Alter’s Strike Whiches figures. But I guess reason overwhelmed passion. I definitely don’t have space to welcome those lovely ladies.
    I am completely fan of your pictures. Perfect mood which suits well Sanya character. And as you said, the figure is a good representation of this lonely girl.

  13. anonymous_object

    Sanya-chan ^^. It’s a very attractive figure that’s for sure. I only recently got into Strike Witches so I have not been collecting any of the figures. I could be tempted by a good Luchini figure though ;)

    I understand not caring much for animal ears but you should give Spice and Wolf a chance if you haven’t already. The novels are quite good and the anime is pretty decent. There’s much less focus on Horo having ears and a tail and more on her and Lawrence’s relationship throughout their travels. Quite entertaining! ^^
    .-= anonymous_object´s last blog: Gwendolyn &amp Mercedes by Alter =-.

  14. Persocom

    Ah now this is how Sanya should be in figure form. I somewhat regret having bought the Kotobukiya version after the way the base turned out not wanting to hold her up very well. If only I didn’t but that one I’d surely get this. It’s a shame that Strike Witches is over-sexualized by certain fans because I really do love them for their obvious non-ecchi qualities.
    .-= Persocom´s last blog: Ioryogi Plush Doll by Chara-Ani =-.

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