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Boxing Plastic Girls

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23 responses to “Boxing Plastic Girls”

  1. omo

    Hm. I always wanted that Pachira figure… and always passed on it because it just isn’t that great, at least for the money.

    But yea I know what you’re saying. I’m about at my max now, any more will have to go into deep storage.

  2. takuya13

    aw… thats a shame but i guess for the greater good? right now in my stage of collecting i cant imagine throwing any of them away… and indeed looking at some of the wonfes pictures i know im going to have to dig deep to fulfil the wishlist i’ve made haha…
    .-= takuya13´s last blog: finished exams! =-.

  3. VManOfMana

    Curious, your shelving space allows for how many figures?

  4. Smithy

    Am running into space constraints as well. Might just opt to sell off a few of my figures as putting them in storage seems sad.

    Guess most of us wonder about the waste and sheer futility of it all, but if we weren’t putting our funds in this, we’d put them into something else, you can be sure of that. In the end most such hobbies could be seen as futile or a waste.
    But if it’s what pleases us and entertains us, isn’t that enough to justify it?
    .-= Smithy´s last blog: Orchid macro =-.

  5. Eefi

    You can always sell them, at least that’s what I tell myself. I think that’s at least better than putting them back in their boxes and letting them collect dust in some storage space. As for me, I won’t take them out anymore since there are new figures to come.
    I like my collection and have just bought a display case because the two glass shelves on the wall won’t hold everything anymore. There are times when I think about all the money I’ve thrown into them.. I could’ve bought a ticket to Japan, bought a camera, an eBook reader, prettier furniture, art supplies… And I don’t even earn money. v_v Maybe I should part with some more of them…
    .-= Eefi´s last blog: Alice Margatroid 1-6 T’s System =-.

  6. Tier

    I’m at the same point but I’m finding it difficult to pick out a lot of figures that I want to put back in their boxes. It doesn’t help that I tossed out the boxes for most of my older figures, which are the ones I want to retire.

    It also doesn’t help that I have a strong sense of history, particularly as I get older, and when I look at my collection, I’m reminded of what got me into both collecting figures and into taking pictures. Assuming the Rider that you mention is the one I am thinking of, I remember seeing her on RIUVA, where I was very envious because as I recall, it was a magazine exclusive and you needed some sort of coupon clipping just to buy her. And I remember seeing their pictures of that figure and thinking that my own photos (taken with a camera that I never learned to operate properly) were never going to be any good.

    I was cleaning out under my bed last weekend and I came across my binder of basketball cards. I loved collecting basketball and football cards as a kid – tearing open packs, hoping for a particularly desirable card, trading and comparing cards with friends, getting those rare copies of Beckett’s price guides (which were seldom sold in Korea), trying to complete sets. I looked through that binder and felt nothing. I wonder if I’ll view figures that way, one day?
    .-= Tier´s last blog: Meiya Mitsurugi from Muv-Luv Alternative Volks X-brand Version NSFW =-.

  7. Fabienne

    Thats a very good topic

    actually I’m happy that I’m able to display all of my figures in my rooms
    without letting them appear like a messy otaku house XD

    Im still having place for some more figures, nine further ones would be the limit I think, before I have to put some back into their boxes.
    thinking about putting them away hurts a bit because there is the possibility that I’ll never open their boxes again.
    I could also consider to sell some of them to people who admire them more than I, who intends to store them in the cellar.
    .-= Fabienne´s last blog: Marisa =-.

  8. Fabrice Requin

    Selling them might be an idea no?
    im sure they will be others wanting them, you never know =)

    I guess im in a way lucky since i started collecting only this year =)

  9. lu-k

    Facing the same dilemma. And as you said, last wonfes tells me I need space too ^^;;
    It is always hard to get ride of something. There is always a little voice in our head saying to keep stuff in case of a possible future use, or in case of figures, to keep them until the time we would have a huge place to display them all.
    I also got a bunch of ‘old’ figures I am no longer interested in, and sooner or later, I will have to throw them away.

  10. Felix

    It is a waste to throw any of these figures away – how do you know someone isn’t searching for them? Haven’t you seen any of the Collectors-type shows where people are scouring op-shops and markets for everything that’s no longer made, from 20-years-ago action figures to retro-195os dukeboxes? Particulary as they seem to stop making the figures when they stop making their series. At least try selling them on e-bay first – you might make someone’s day (or decade).

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