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Review of Alter’s Hyakka Ryoran Senhime

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11 responses to “Hyakka Ryoran Senhime”

  1. AS

    Ya, I was interesting in getting Senhime but when I keep looking at her face I keep thinking, “I’m going to have to see this face from now on if she’s in my room” and that made me lean away from her. Overall I like the pose, design, and weapon but ya, the face was a no go. It’s a shame, maybe if the lips were a little more horizontal and the eyes a bit smaller and slanted it might have been better.
    .-= AS´s last blog: Japan Trip January 2010 Part 2 =-.

  2. kusakabemisao

    Another great set with lots of emotion. I like the cold eyes.
    .-= kusakabemisao´s last blog: Something to fill in the slot =-.

  3. anonymous_object

    Very pretty figure, especially her kimono jacket thingy (^^;). As always, the lighting in your photos is spectacular. I need to experiment with shadows in my figure photography more ^^; Thanks for sharing!
    .-= anonymous_object´s last blog: Yui’s Day Out =-.

  4. Miette-chan

    I really like the style and costume design this line has. Although out of all the ones I have seen Jubei is probably my favorite so far.

    As for Senhime, I don’t know what expression would have worked better but I agree with your opinion regarding her face. Other than that, I really like how she looks.

  5. Leonia

    Alter made another great work with this Hyakka Ryoran figure, even if she is not my favorite (I prefer Jubei for her colors and Sanada for her demon eyes). One thing that I don’t really like in this adaptation, maybe the face expression. I don’t know why I don’t like but.. ^^’ Kimono is really beautiful, and colors.. mm great ! I hope that she will be not the last figure of the license. I would like Naoe Kanetsugu ! Thanks a lot for this review, I really like the ambience ^^

  6. Tier

    For some reason, I’ve never really liked spears much, even as a little kid. My Lego knights always had swords (except for the one elite knight who had a crossbow), the foot soldiers with the conical helmets got the poleaxes and bows, and the soldiers I didn’t like so much got the helmets with the nasal and spears. My #1 paladin in Warcraft almost always had a big mace, but my #2 paladin used a spear. Maybe it’s because they’re sorta low-tech, unsexy weapons; I do like halberds and bardiches, and my favorite Diablo 2 character was my javelin amazon.

    Yeah, I have the feeling that my view is an uncommon one. It seems like reviews of this figure are uncommon, too … I think I’ve only seen a couple of Japanese ones and two English ones, not including my own. Kinda strange for a figure that everyone bought.
    .-= Tier´s last blog: Meiya Mitsurugi from Muv-Luv Alternative Volks X-brand Version NSFW =-.

  7. Visual Fanfare

    I didn’t pre-order Senhime cause her facial expression totally turned me off. But after all the reviews and beautiful photos of this excellent detailed figure, I finally decided to get one. Didn’t want to regret not getting it later on – I hate it when that happens. lol

    I really don’t understand why the face was sculpted this way, not too sure what her facial expression is trying to convey. From what I’ve been reading though, is that her facial expression appears different in person – I guess I’ll find out in a week or so!
    .-= Visual Fanfare´s last blog: Oakley- Jawbone Custom =-.

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