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Strike Witches Are Back

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11 responses to “Strike Witches Are Back”

  1. Persocom

    Was excited to finally get to watch it myself, and I wasn’t disappointed. This will probably be the highlight of my Summer Anime watchlist :3
    .-= Persocom´s last blog: Schmetterling – Busou Shinki =-.

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    [...] Witches season 2 is in good hands with production transitioning from Gonzo to AIC. Were teased in the first few minutes with sweet aerial combat and then cut to life in peacetime for Miyafuji …Strike [...]

  3. Strike Witches

    [...] show definitely has a sense of humor about it beginning with an up-skirt shot of a discarded doll.Read More:Stay With Us For More Updates. No TagShare/Bookmark var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; [...]

  4. James

    Going to watch it now, first season was fine :)
    .-= James´s last blog: Kawai Ameri 1-8 Orchid Seed review =-.

  5. Smithy

    Am glad to see this show is back, loved the first season, even with all its fanservice silliness it was full of great laughs and action. ^^
    .-= Smithy´s last blog: K-ON- 14 =-.

  6. phossil

    This is the best news for me today! :)
    .-= phossil´s last blog: New sneakers =-.

  7. Aka

    When you posted about Strike Witches before I felt compelled to watch but didn’t. However this second time around I can’t resist, I’ve got the first season coming. Here’s hopin’ I’m entertained!
    .-= Aka´s last blog: Review- Orchid Seed’s Kawai Ameri =-.

  8. Nork22

    So AIC is turning into Gonzo. I don’t know if I should swallow my pride and watch season 2, since I felt so ashamed watching season 1 when it came out.

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