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Piling Up Like Zombies

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6 responses to “Piling Up Like Zombies”

  1. Miette-chan

    Kinda sad about the typical selfish human reactions.

    Other than that, the action, fan service, the gore and Marina Inoue cemented this show on my watch list this summer. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  2. Tier

    I enjoyed the first episode, but I really, really hope that Rei becomes a more likeable character in the future. Yeah, maybe her reactions are realistic given the circumstances … but nothing about a zombie apocalypse is realistic. As it is, she ran through the entire gamut of tropes that I despise in about ninety seconds of screen time. For a series like this, I want heroic and appealing main characters; it’s a depressing thing when I’m hoping that the hottest girl in the show (to me) dies in a brutal and gory manner.

    I’ve seen some people complaining about the fan service. That’s like complaining that everything is grilled or deep fried at Five Guys.
    .-= Tier´s last blog: Shoujo S from the Art of Hanaharu Naruko NSFW =-.

  3. Smithy

    Loved the first episode and have high hopes for the rest of the show as I adore the manga.

    Am not a fan at all of zombie horror, but HotD wooed me with its refreshing down to earth take on the zombie apocalypse, showing plenty of practical issues the characters face as well as psychological stress and changes they’re exposed to.

    Some characters that start rather shallow or seem a dime in a dozen get quite interesting development, like Saeko, her character goes through some excellent exploration which I hope they’ll believably include in the anime.

    Read rumors that the anime might receive an original endingso will see what happens.
    .-= Smithy´s last blog: K-ON- 14 =-.

  4. Aka

    I’m not sure where this show’s going, I guess I could read the manga and get a head. But I loved the first episode, Rei was an annoying little… but it all worked well for a beginning.

    I felt sorta bad for that one girl, the whole BFF thing then kick to the face into zombies. The other chick totally got what she deserved and I like instant karma.

    @Tier, I think she is the hottest girl in the show that I’ve seen. Need more episodes to confirm though!
    .-= Aka´s last blog: Review- Orchid Seed’s Kawai Ameri =-.

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