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Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit Review

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12 responses to “Moribito — Review”

  1. Troy (トロイ)

    This series is currently on my to watch list but now I have read your praises of it, it may get bumped up a few places!! ^^

  2. Yup

    I don’t mean to sound rude, but I think you completely missed the point of the “Stand Alone” episodes. Whereas in something like GitS SAC which is not at all character driven, SA episodes build the setting and provide entertaining material. In Moribito though which is very character driven, contrary to your conclusion, SA episode are much more important and work much better than in GitS SAC as they fill the same roles as GitS SAC’s SA episodes, but in addition vitally build each character and show their evolutions as individuals and as a family. I really think you should watch it again and try to notice how barren and hollow the show would be with SA episodes not present.

  3. Kyle

    I purchased the full series box set when it came out and watched it within a week. Honestly, I was not very pleased with the story up until the final 5 or 6 episodes. At that point I actually began to care about the characters and what happened to them. Up until that point I was just watching to get my moneys worth.

    The duel at the beginning you referenced to threw me off for most of the series. Instead of concentrating on the story I was just waiting for the next big fight. The last fight in my opinion could have done better like you mentioned. It did not feel quite so epic compared to the first fight.
    .-= Kyle´s last blog: Ongaku- G-Dragon =-.

  4. anonymous_object

    I love Moribito too. Sure, it had some pacing problems but the end result was still amazing. Balsa is one of my all-time favorite anime characters. She just kicks ass ;)
    .-= anonymous_object´s last blog: Lucky Star Cheerleader Outfits =-.

  5. Fabienne

    After reading your post I’ve put this show on my “plan to watch list”.
    Yesterday I finally found the time to watch a few episodes.

    the animation quality impressed me a lot, the level of detail in the surroundings as well as the movement of the characters looks great.
    After I only watched 4 episodes its a bit early to judge the show,
    but so far I liked what I saw.

    thanks you for yor recommendation ;)
    .-= Fabienne´s last blog: Review-Takamachi Vivio by ALTER =-.

  6. Fabienne

    yesterday I’ve finished this nice show.

    well, the first action sequence gave out the impression that there would be more
    intense fights but since action isn’t my favorite genre anyway it was no real problem for me.

    I liked the way this story that had been told,
    the big points of this show is the atmosphere and the environment
    one minor flaw for me was that the relationship between Chagum and Balsa appeared a bit cold sometimes during the show.
    it was still a great fantasy anime.
    .-= Fabienne´s last blog: Review- Kagami Hiiragi =-.

  7. meara

    I love watching Moribito. I would say a thumps up for this anime !!!!

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