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The Sky Crawlers

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7 responses to “The Sky Crawlers”

  1. dood

    The movie in one word:

  2. Mustafa 'Nemphtis' Unal

    I received mine on Bluray recently but not yet watched it yet. This was an interesting read though, as I’ll keep these thoughts in mind as I watch the film for myself.

  3. lastSKYsamurai

    Ah yes. This One…. Why do previews always get one so excited for a film. I wanted to watch this one since I guess it was announced. Bought it off iTunes a few months ago, & never got back to finishing it…..

    I think I’d rather not have to think too hard when watching a film such as this. If say it had the same “complex” visual flare as something like Paprika, then the eyes can connect to that; & not loose interest. Then you can leave the brain to focus on the concept, the idea. The visuals for me was “my” disconnect to the film & for that, the mind couldn’t focus on its concept.

    ….. On the flip side to that. I’d be very keen to play the Wii no-less. Australian release?

  4. BD

    You’re right.

    You didn’t get it.

  5. Cairn

    That is not what I got from the movie. And, seeing as what I got from the movie is based on what I read in an interview with Mamoru Oshii, in which he, the director of the film, talked about what he was trying to portray in the film, and the base of the novels that the film is based on, I’d like to think that I have a better idea of it then you do. What you have stated is a mere theory, and what you criticize is your own theory. Which, granted, is deserving of harsh criticism. Don’t rush to your computer the second you drudge through a film to write your half-wit, misguided thoughts on it, and actually take time to let a few neurons fire, and put some @#!*% thought into it.

    And, “dood”, this type of Anime may be a bit too complex for you. Perhaps you should try something that is more suited to your individual intellect. Go back to Naruto, Bleach or DBZ. Lots of action, very, very little thought… Sounds, just right for you.

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