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“Welcome to Pia Carrot,” Says Sana

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17 responses to ““Welcome to Pia Carrot,” Says Sana”

  1. Adun

    Optional bust size?!?!? This one looks to be a good figure as Kotobukiya figures can be a hit and miss kind of thing. Great photos as usual and nice use of the Barbie bed furniture.

  2. Danny Choo

    Bloody Fantastic!
    The world should see your figure pics.
    What would be cool is if you take a picture of the set each time so that we can see “behind the scenes”

  3. ron~

    superb photos @@
    superb quality, superb lighting, superb job

    they should hire you for official figure photo shoot :D

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  5. NegativeZero

    Great photos as usual. I passed up on this, now I may have to reconsider because of you. I’ve got so much on preorder as it is and you’re costing me more money, thanks :)

  6. tj han

    Woah. Seriously, I never even realised this figure existed. And now it’s hot. But Koto is crap, I swore off them. And I hate optional parts. A behind the scenes, brainstorm and others section would be good too.

  7. Stripey

    What. lovely. pictures! You really made me regret not getting her. :)

    I must be one of the few Kotobukiya supporters around. I believe they are very capable of excellent figures. Their problem is consistency. The best and ‘worst’ in my figure collection (err discounting Alter Fate Testarossa and Megahouse Princess Yumil that is XD) are both Koto goods.

  8. Ujuj

    I also have this figure in my collection and I really love it, I’m very happy to see her on my shelves every morning ;) I tried to put some pictures of her on my blog (http://figuj.free.fr/index.php/136/sana-horiuchi-devil-type-de-kotobukiya/) but as always when I see the pictures you do, I realize that I really need to improve my photographic skills ^^
    Your pictures are beautiful, the little “maid convention” was a really good idea , and I agree with Danny : “Behind the scene” pictures would be welcome ;)

  9. Tsubaki

    Hot shit. This is hot stuff. Great work on the photos as usual!

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  13. Städ

    I also have this figure in my collection.


  14. Meimi132

    I love my Sana. Got her for £22!($44ish) I was so happy!

  15. Shelliac

    Greetings! I just got back from my vacation in Japan and picked up this beautiful figure from Animate. Thank you for the photographical review of this figure. I have a dislike to taking figures out of the box if I can avoid it, and with this I know the full details of her looks without having to break the plastic around the box.

    Thanks :)

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