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Waiting Through Snowfall, Ureshiko Figure

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22 responses to “Waiting Through Snowfall, Ureshiko Figure”

  1. Adun

    I was rather tempted in buying this before but opted not to. It’s a really nice figure and Ureshiko gives off an elegant feel to her. Also she is quite different to a lot of figures that you get nowadays.

  2. Danny Choo


  3. jay

    anything pink = no thank you

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  5. tj han

    Have you seen the new hobby don video? This figure’s production process was briefly shown. I actually saw this figure in the store I used to work at, and played with it for a while. Its weight and quality is superb. Pity I don’t know the character nor is she attractive enough for an impulse buy.

    And this is a bloody good shoot.

  6. Ujuj

    Nice pictures, as always !
    I don’t think I’ll buy this figurine but she’s really beautiful anyway…

  7. byaku-chan

    Gorgeous shoot, the white backdrop complements her serene feel perfectly. I must admit I had a passing interest in this figure due to the tranquil air she exudes and the sweet pastel colouring, like you said she’s just different. Might actually get her if I can get one off the shelf (I did end up getting Alter’s bikini Saber after seeing your lovely pics and am glad I did, MaxFac and the like really ought to be hiring people like you to sell their figures *laugh*).

  8. Tsubaki

    My room froze after seeing this shoot. It’s really beautiful and the coldness sinks into you.

  9. Danny Choo

    凄いぜ!means “brilliant” or “cool!”
    could mean enormous I guess but “凄い” is not reallly used for that term. Google lies.

  10. Edward

    I really need to get around more. Around the internet more, I mean.

    You have a very nice blog and really enjoying your photo skills. BTW, your tutorial on photography figures on a budget is good. One doesn’t always need to invest a lot of money to take great photos, just be creative.

    Yes, it’s a shame this figure has gotten over looked. I was quite taken with it myself, but unfortunately I passed it over for something else. ^^; I also don’t know much about this character. Although, the feel I get from the figure reminds me a lot of Madoka Ayukawa from KOR. That same projection of maturity from a young woman is there.

    Nice diorama too. Adds a great deal to an already great figure.

  11. valho

    I manage to get this figure when my local shop got her in stock, just one i think. I really like her, beautifully sculpted and painted. btw those snow, are they plastics ??

  12. valho

    thanks super rats, yeah salt would definitely have a better effect. anyway last question, where can i buy plastic flakes coz i dun think i have seen them on store’s rack, thanks a lot

  13. valho

    yes both sugar and salt looks better but they are a problem to use. I have thought of using styrofoam as well, but as u say they are so light. thanks anyway, i’ll try my luck finding those plastic flakes, if can’t find thn probably have to wait till christmas or try to figure out some alternative :)

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  16. Veers

    Well, I’m way late but I recently picked up this figure myself. Inspired by your winter-themed shoot, I did a summer one. :]

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