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Soul Eater Review

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13 responses to “Finding the Action, Soul Eater”

  1. Panther

    At episode 41, Soul Eater deviates from the manga and around episode 47 completely moves away from the manga. Whether, for you, it is in a good or bad way, I leave it up to you to decide, but if you truly like the series, consider buying the manga to read as it is much better down the line. Still going on.
    .-= Panther´s last blog: The Chest Wars =-.

  2. phossil

    Back time when I first saw Soul Eater I thought it was going to be not as good but now I enjoy it ^^

    1. Soul eater lourd of all soul and eaters

      I hate you if youll say that agine i.ll kill
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      Have a mad day:D

  3. Persocom

    I’ve been curious about Soul Eater for some time, the characters seem interesting but the length of the show deterred me thus far, perhaps I’ll watch a few episodes online to see if I can get into it now though. For a first time watch do you suggest subs or dubs? I really don’t mind either way.
    .-= Persocom´s last blog: Thirst For More (NSFW) =-.

  4. Persocom

    Good enough reason for me ^^ I’ll check it out then.
    .-= Persocom´s last blog: Thirst For More (NSFW) =-.

  5. Edgar

    Movies tend to deviate from their written publication. It’s no different with anime deviating from their original manga form.

  6. Shinigami

    I actually liked the anime when I saw it before reading the manga, without the last few episodes that is. My review is here: http://shinigamilist.com/2011/09/20/soul-eater-anime-vs-manga-comparison-2/

    Btw, you review is very well done and I like the personal take you have given on it!

  7. death

    whats up

  8. Soul Eater Hater

    This show is gay

  9. Arturo

    You can get this for cheap price and complete series.

  10. lehahiah

    I was ok with most of the dubs don’t enjoy them as much as the origina l but they’re ok, the only ones thst really threw me off so far were soul and black star also woul of been nice if death was still called shinigami sama(or death sama)

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