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Hyakka Ryoran Yukimura Sanada

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21 responses to “Yukimura Sanada, Red Eyed Demon”

  1. lu-k

    The mix between sukumizu and traditional outfits is kindda… well not my cup of tea actually ^^;;;
    Though fan-blades are one of the best appealing weapons for bishoujo, for sure.
    And wooha the lighting on those shots is wonderful!

  2. 3Dx

    Don’t know this figure but the details are nice and the body sculpt is ‘realistic’ (well, not exaggerated st least).

    The warm-color shots are great and work with the black background.

    Excellent lighting, as usual. (Oh, and your Sora pix rocked as well.)

  3. Colette

    You make everything pretty. ^__^

    I love the shots, especially the shadowy ones. They give the figure that extra bit of mystique.
    .-= Colette´s last blog: Get your loved one a pretty in pink Rose Vampire this Valentine’s Day! =-.

  4. Tier

    I really like the (seemingly incongruous) juxtaposition of old-style and modern fashion here, although I didn’t notice that she also looks like a Caribbean pirate captain until you pointed it out. I passed on her because I didn’t want to go through the trouble of acquiring her, but now I’m thinking that I made a mistake because it certainly looks like she would have been worth the trouble. The only thing I would’ve liked for them to have done differently is to change her shoes; I’m not a big fan of platform shoes, I think she’d look better in a pair of Chuck Taylors.
    .-= Tier´s last blog: Hyper Nurse Painkiller Kotone-chan from Keumaya (Black Version) (NSFW) =-.

  5. Belela-san

    Kinda agree with lu-k in there, when I looked at the first picture I didn’t notice the swimsuit, was more focused on the traditional clothes. But then as I scrolled down the picture and noticed the swimsuit I was like “what the heck”. The design is very unique no doubt about that, but if it were with full traditional clothes I think the figure itself would gain a bigger impact.

  6. Aka

    I actually kinda like the pirate-ish feel of the figure. I’m with Tier though, those platform shoes are terrible. The figure overall though is quite nice, white swimsuits seem to work better than blue, most of the time. There are exceptions like with Kotobukiya’s Mikoto Misaka, I prefer the blue then.

  7. Persocom

    I like the unconventional mix of clothing, she looks pretty nice that way. The fans are a plus, as well as the pose. Too bad it’s such a hard to get figure but glad you were able to get her ^^
    .-= Persocom´s last blog: Huit 1/8 PVC + Visual Combat Book (NSFW) =-.

  8. phossil

    I love her hat. The entire outfit looks extra-vaganza but its ok on her :)
    .-= phossil´s last blog: Google Buzz =-.

  9. radiant

    Damn exclusive mail-orders! And dayum you make this figure look SO GOOD! Definitely loving the dark tinted effect. It’s got such great atmosphere!

    I’m on the same boat as lu-k and belela-san on this. The traditional clothes look amazing, and the swimsuit underneath sorta takes away from it.
    .-= radiant´s last blog: Taiga, Olympics, Valentines, CNY, Oh My! =-.

  10. Blowfish

    Hmmm…This is an interesting mash-up of styles.
    I totally dig the Pirate Part of her Outfit and while I am indifferent to her swimsuit outfit,the clunky shoes kill the figure for me.
    I dont know what it is but for me they are too distracting from the rest of the figures.Theres some nice anatomical finesse in the figure though
    .-= Blowfish´s last blog: Queen’s Blade Kodai Oujo no Sho Storybook + Drama CD =-.

  11. big_earl

    Her outfit is outrageously awesome!

  12. AS

    The details on the outfit are pretty sweet. Stems and flowers all over and in such a fine detail it makes me wonder how much work it took to make it look like that. The rope/string? on the hat looks very real. Can’t imagine that its made out of pvc. Dual-wielding is always cool (^.^)b.
    .-= AS´s last blog: Happy Birthday Tomoyo ^_^ =-.

  13. Leonia

    This figure looks so good (like other Hyakka Ryoran character). She is probably my favorite with Jubei. Sadly, Sanada was exclusive, and I did not have money when I could pre-order. Now, price are hight.. Snif, I hope that I can have her one day. Thank for this sharing. With yours pictures, I still want her more. My wallet is not happy :P
    .-= Leonia´s last blog: Noumi Kudryavka – Alter =-.

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  15. Ohkikaze

    Very nice review for an awesome figure^~^
    Normally i prefer the navy blue Sukumizu but i think i make an exception on this one.
    I may have to contact Tokyohunter in the future if you’re able to miss such little gems because of the Mail order specials (still mad about the first swimsuit Taiga >.<)

  16. Vixion

    i want it :( too bad it’s limited hobby japan :( love the last photo, a really good expression :)

  17. James

    I didn’t want to post here because i hate you for getting this one :p

    I so want her but hard to find/lots of money :(

    But she is so beautiful and your pics are forcing me to buy her …

    I’ll get her someday :’(
    .-= James´s last blog: Ranka Lee Candy Raspberry Version 1/8 (Ichiban Kuji/Banpresto) preview =-.

  18. yukimura

    that doesnt look like me

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