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That Samurai Maid Iroha Figure

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21 responses to “That Samurai Maid Iroha Figure”

  1. Adun

    Looks good, and a great use of skewers. As for the bamboo background, I had that for another figure shoot I did, but they didn’t turn out so well. Not to mention the amount of mosquitoes buzzing around me.

    Standing on the ball of her foot is definitely something you should be concerned about. Well I suppose if you keep her in a cool area it should be fine.

  2. wrex

    That was a beautiful review and a beautiful figure.

  3. tj han

    You have a couple of weeks to admire the graceful step before it becomes a hamstring stretch. But I like the pictures with the skewers.

    Do you watermark each picture one by one or do you use some mass batch software?

  4. Waterfall

    Hi there,

    I found your site from RIUVA. Honestly, I thought the sharpen sticks was the fact that Iroha was leaping head-on against a line of pikemen!!

    I was a little disappointed that it was supposed to be a bamboo forest. XD


  5. Tsubaki

    Very very beautiful. I love the sticks + white fluff combination for this shoot. Just curious, did u get the pink version?

  6. LianYL

    Pwnage set of photos again. And rats, when will you settle on a single watermark design? lol

  7. sentinel011

    sweet review + photos, like your spear bamboo forest concept for the diorama.

    on another hand of the figure, which other companies came out with the different variations of iroha?

  8. Temugin

    What is that depression between her neck and chest? It looks like a cicatrix from a traqueostomy!
    I liked her eyes, glossy painting is more adequate for eyes.

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  10. Devil foxy

    excelente figura de PVC, Iroha es ahora mi persoaje favorito de Samurai Shodonw, el mejor juego de Samurais de todos…jojoj…..siempre tiene muchas novedades e Iroha es de los personajes mass exosos ke tiene SNK como Mai Shoranui..enf in..xiaoo!

  11. batmen

    you make such beautiful settings for your figurines. excellent piece of work. just wondering but is she still upright?

  12. katie

    this is gross

  13. Cosplay Queen: Arisa Mizuhara | Really Cute Asians

    [...] Photo 20: Iroha from the game SNK’s Samurai Spirits – thanks to Raz, who also provided a link to the Iroha figure on HappySoda [...]

  14. zxondra

    i hate the something in her chest its not ok

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