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Figure Out Witchblade Maria

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18 responses to “Figure Out Witchblade Maria”

  1. ikimashou.net - we do otaku » Blogside: Figure Stuff from HappyRiuva

    [...] Secondly, ratolicious did a review of the unexpectedly good looking Maria from Witchblade. Now, I know you're thinking "There are other characters in Witchblade besides Masane?" Yes, there are… just barely. The reason I qualify with unexpectedly is because it's a Koto sculpt which, as he points out, tend to fall in the "meh" category, but this time they've made a suitably hot girl… aside from the seeming eye thing/facial expression she has going on. Might just be the angle? Still, it's a good body sculpt with some paint issues around rats's arm band, not sure if that account for all of them though. Still, give it a look. The face she has on might not be for me, but maybe you are into that. Sicko. [...]

  2. Hazel

    I like this figure but the expression is bizarre, sometimes she looks really sleepy rather than ‘come hither’! ^_^

  3. Adun

    Looks to be a nice figure, but I just don’t seem to like the face very much.

  4. tj han

    She’s a bit more Western in style it seems. Stupid witchblade. And I never did watch beyond episode 9 so don’t know this character.

  5. Zero

    Seems as though yours finally arrived, and as usual, beautiful pictures.

  6. sentinel011

    I’d rather wait for the Masune 1/7 (or was it 1/6?) by Orchid Seed that’s coming out on March 2007. Nice shots of Maria though.

  7. SbebiWan

    Hey, nice shots ! I was doubting before, but now, I’m waiting for her impatiently !

  8. Tsubaki

    6th picture from top – Awesome display of her bwebs.

    Lovely pictures as usual, but she looks so sleepy. Oh and nice skin too.

  9. JB

    Love the Pictures, love the face and that expression. Never thought twice about ordering her……….Waiting patiently.

  10. Temugin

    Her ahoge much like an interrogation point and her subtle facial expression makes me think that she is the daughter of The Riddler :)
    Very nice paint job thoug…

  11. Temugin

    The comics, the 60′ TV show, you choose :)
    If this Maria was more cheap, I would buy her, nice painting job, very nice body, but my budget is very shallow, so I only buy figures that I really liked.

  12. Ah^Kid

    i have this toy figure too pretty nice!! =P

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