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Black Rock Shooter

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36 responses to “Black Rock Shooter”

  1. Yhamm

    Black Rock Shooter is her name, not just a nickname. I guess we’ll have to wait for the anime to know a bit more of her universe and her many friends/enemies

    nice pic as always! still waiting for mine and already preordered the blader version ;p
    .-= Yhamm´s last blog ..Good Smile Company: les ventes de 2009 =-.

    1. BRS~!

      omg…does that mean they are gonna make this into a real anime series, like with more then actually only one episode!?!? :D

  2. bigearl

    I love how anime/games/manga make scars look so attractive :P !

  3. digitalboy

    I just got done setting up my BRS figure too~ SO BEAUTIFUL!!! The black clothes are gorgeous, the hair is amazing, her body could melt a fucking glacier it’s so HOT.

  4. Keonyn

    So I take it she woke up in a bathtub full of ice at some point in her past?
    .-= Keonyn´s last blog ..ArchEnemy =-.

  5. omo

    man, the stuff like the gloss on the coat is what makes this figure such a killer. also this post makes me wonder why i passed on it the first time around orz.

    then again that kind of “quality” is not something you could really tell before a full review comes out.

  6. radiant

    I’ve always thought that Black Rock Shooter was a Miku variant, much like VN02 and Supercell “World is Mine” Miku.

    I can’t wait until mine arrives. C’mon Mr. Postman! Hurry up!

    Happy New Year, Super rats!
    .-= radiant´s last blog ..Christmas Miku! Happy Holidays from Radiantdreamer! =-.

  7. Sai

    Your picture is very good.
    I like the angle and position in each pic.
    Happy New Year :D
    .-= Sai´s last blog: Front Page =-.

  8. Colette

    I couldn’t wait to see how you’d shoot her, and it was every bit as elegant and understated as I hoped. Thanks for always making toys look so stunning. ^__^

    Happy new year!

  9. James

    Can’t wait to get mine !

    I so love the base :)
    .-= James´s last blog: supercell feat. Miku Hatsune World is Mine 1/8 (Good Smile) review =-.

  10. Blowfish

    I want mine to arrive.I want mine to arrive.Iwant mine to arrive…
    I think you get the point ^^

    The selling point for me was her scar and im kinda unhappy how it turned out but besides that shes gorgeous

    I wish you a happy new year!
    .-= Blowfish´s last blog: Masters of Queens Blade Excellent!! Official Figure & Visual Book =-.

  11. AS

    I got mine the other day. She was in quite the big box when I picked her up, I was like, man, rumors of how big she is were not wrong lol. Opened the box up and sure enough, a huge BRS box awaited me to open. The gun and the base do bring up the detail anty on the figure. The zipper on the coat is a nice little detail that I like. But the chain for the figure was a big kicker for me, I can tie it in anyways I want and try to make it different from other BRS. Btw, I moved from AnimeSugoi to Chibified.
    .-= AS´s last blog: Happy Halloween =-.

  12. Chappy

    Reviews made me regret for not getting her even more. T^T
    .-= Chappy´s last blog: Chappy’s 2009 =-.

  13. Belela-san

    Even though the figure is great what prevent me from getting it were those scars, they just don’t appeal to me. If they weren’t there I wouldn’t think twice about getting her. Still it’s a very nice figure with huge and nice cannon.
    .-= Belela-san´s last blog: A Merry Merry Christmas =-.


    Spectacular shots, as expected. I always prefer moe character designs in figures, but the BRS design is great from every angle, and it looks like the figure captures that perfectly. I might have to pick this up if by some chance it ends up at a con…
    .-= ETERNAL´s last blog: New Year’s Resolutions, 2010 Edition =-.

  15. phossil

    I like her blue eyes and hair style mostly. :)
    .-= phossil´s last blog: New Year Resolutions =-.

  16. Leonia

    Black Rock Shooter is an impressive figure. She is really original. The base is great too ! I like this figure, even if, usually, it is not my style. It is not a loli, but I like for her originality. There is a real research, which your atmosphere shows more. Thank you!

  17. Thai Nguyen

    Thanks for the close up pictures. The more I look at the details the more I drool, BRS indeed looks like an awesome figure, more well detailed than I could ever think of earlier too.

    Personally I’ll get the Black Blade-version of this figure in April, too bad that it doesn’t look as heavy as this version though. I mean, the black sword of the BB version looks impressive, but it isn’t compareble to the rocket launcher of the original figure. >.^

  18. radiant

    I just got her yesterday! Took long enough…

    The box is MASSIVE! I haven’t had a box that big arrive since Gwendolyn by Alter!

    I have to say… BRS seems overwhelmingly cool, and also underwhelmingly plain at the same time. I don’t know how to put a finger on it. O_o
    .-= radiant´s last blog: My Gaming Habits of ‘09 =-.

  19. helen

    her cheeks are too pronounced, but the figure is absolutely amazing

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  21. softz

    Thanks for the detailed pictures. I didn’t buy this one though. I was kinda ignorant about BRS. Probably, I can try the 3rd version (anime version). The flat-chest doesn’t attract me. However, after seeing yours. She definitely looks great!
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  23. Haruka

    She does have a name. It’s stated on the black rock shooter official site. click on news~

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  25. Jinxie

    O__O where do i get this????

  26. AzN

    Black Rock Shooter is not her name, it is just a nickname (or a codename, of some sort >.>) her name is Kuroi Mato, I don’t know if it’s her official name or not.

  27. hakeem

    uh anime designer can be such pedophiles at time with there designs of young girl characters but other than that kool

  28. Anime Games

    Isn’t she cute I think I’m falling for a blue eyed beauty she’s very very beautiful I really this anime dolls it always has it’s own style loved the way the faces looks compared to barbies…

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