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What My Top 5 Anime Says

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26 responses to “What My Top 5 Anime Says”

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  2. radiant

    Cool! My #1 is definitely Cowboy Bebop as well. I’ll have to think deeply on what the other 4 are, but Tora Dora is definitely one of them.

    I wonder what it says about me…

  3. Blowfish

    Ah Top5s!
    Ive never been good at putting up those lists and they actually put me under alot of stress.Other people might throw out their lists in seconds but I have to think about the list quite deeply.
    When im posting a list i want a definite one and not something half hearted.

    Ahh like I said Ive never been good at those ^^

  4. lastSKYsamurai

    I’m not sure if I could actually find some kind of a formula to describe myself through my top 5 unless they stuck to a specific patten or something otherly obvious. Say if they were all comedies, I could say I’m a happy person or I enjoy laughter.

    Regardless, far from watching everything I own back to back in one big Otaku world breaking session, & nitpicking my thoughts on each show against the others. My Top 5. stands as this……

    FLCL. – Forever my No. 1! FTW! Beans!
    His and Her Circumstances.
    Azumanga Daioh.
    Now and Then, Here and There.
    Neon Genesis Evangelion.

    - List Subject to change on a thought by thought basis. : )

    Anyway, gtg! Late for something outside the internet!!!!! & Anime…….. Catcha’s!

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  6. James

    My top would be :

    1 . Higurashi
    2 . Gundam Seed
    3 . Jigoku Shoujo
    4 . Kanon
    5 . My Hime

    Is Princess Tutu that good ?

  7. T.I.P.

    Animes where dreams end and wishes don’t come true. I don’t think I’ve seen one like that, but that’d definitely be my type of anime. I’m a pretty gloomy person, I suppose.

    The usual happy ending stuff doesn’t do it for me, that’s why I hate most endings.

  8. phossil

    Cowboy bebop is in my top 5 list too.

  9. Keonyn

    This is an interesting idea, may have to make such an analysis myself.

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  11. Vik

    My list would probably be….
    1) Genshiken
    2) Ergo Proxy
    3) Kanon
    4) Cowboy Bebop
    5) Chobits

    Making these lists is tough, first because there are so many anime on my “to watch” list that I have a feeling would make it on this list. Second because there are series like Death Note that if i could chop the 2nd half of the series out it would be here.

    Not sure what this says about me…. This list would probably change depending on my mood, this is the first time i have tried to put a top 5 together.

  12. lastSKYsamurai

    I have now seen Cowboy Bebop……. Wow. Just Wow. No wonder people like the show. ,some cool shite. Nevertheless, My list still stands.

    btw. I love Ed. She is Amazing. & yet, so sad…..

  13. lastSKYsamurai

    Ah nice. Ya I can see why; & Eva yes. that & Nausicaä is what steamrolled me into Anime.

    Ooowh…. ,A Top 5/10 AMV list one day, when the month is slow. :P

    -oh hey, cudos too with HappySoda. It’s an awesome site ya! Look forward to many more seasons from super rats, good sir. :P catcha!

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  15. TopAnimes

    Great taste of anime. I will be watching FLCL next.

  16. Hirobot

    That’s a great list!

  17. Watch Anime

    I agree with your pics but I definitely think Rorouni Kenshin and Gundam Wing should be in there :)

  18. RyoBase

    Ah, 5 Centimeter per second. Love that show.
    .-= RyoBase´s last blog ..10 Holiday gifts that should be avoided at all cost =-.

  19. ashok

    I think what’s interesting is that when it comes to shows that are of a supremely high quality, perhaps they say less about us than we think. I’m looking at “Cowboy Bebop” and “FLCL,” and thinking that lots of people find different things in those shows all the time.

    I can safely say for myself I don’t relate to most Bebop fans. I am very interested in Faye’s changing throughout the series, and I find it hard to keep track of that. I think many of the fans I’ve encountered assume they relate to her or not and leave it at that.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your list – your recommendation of School Rumble is noted, and I’ll check it out for sure.
    .-= ashok´s last blog: Comment on Cowboy Bebop- “Jupiter Jazz” Sessions 12 and 13 =-.

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