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Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino: Pinocchio Stinks

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30 responses to “Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino: Pinocchio Stinks”

  1. scottfrye

    Hmmm…I thought the animation was pretty good compared to the first. I think the colors were a bit better. I do agree with you on the plot and such. It was very, very weak. The plot should’ve focused on the girls.

    I like that one episode that focused on Claes.

  2. Guy

    I’m going to watch the first season, hopefully this month.

    I still find it weird when they switch studios and continue the story… hmmm.

  3. zzeroparticle

    I ranted so much over the first episode of this series mostly because I was aghast that the production values fell that far. Afterwards, I just couldn’t bring myself to empathize with the characters like I did from the first season. All the heart was gone, leaving behind some soullessness behind.

    A shame.

  4. Keonyn

    Gunslinger Girl is one of my favorite shows, probably position number 3 behind Haibane Renmei and Eureka Seven. I’ve avoided watching this one because, frankly, I’ve heard very little to nothing good about it, and I’m such a fan of the original it would pain me to see it followed up by something that seems to be as mediocre as I’m told this one is.

    The stills I’ve seen alone are enough to steer me clear, considering the art style and palette of the original is half of what made it so great, and that appears lost in this one. Maybe there’s a reason while the manga authors usually don’t have control, similar to movies where the author has control and how many of those movies are pretty poor adaptations. It’s a different medium, and a person who is good with the medium of manga or literature isn’t necessarily going to be good at translating to the screen or television.

  5. phossil

    I watched the first Gunslinger girl and I liked a lot. Now I must say I havent watched this show yet, but there are some good and bad opinions out there.

  6. mrgetalife

    I watched awhile back. But I really liked the intro song for some reason. From what i remember they tried to do way too much in one season and it really showed.

    They did make the girls much weaker compared to the first season where they were a lot tougher. The hand to hand combat part in the beginning did attempt to bring out a weakness but they played it out wrong.

    Along with trying to flesh out the antagonist sides. There were 3 different antagonist forces at the end and they attempted to make you feel sorry for them. Sure it might work in a longer season or manga where you have a ton of time to work things out. But in 13 episodes its never going to be pretty.

  7. Optic

    Hmmmm… I think I read a bit too much here giving the fact I just received the boxset yesterday from rightstuf. Still, I managed to watch half the series when it was still being subbed before a particular group *cough* The Triad *cough* dropped it halfway and I didn’t bother to pick it up again until the R1 DVD’s was out.

    I understand the production move from Madhouse to Artland was disappointing as we can see Artland decided to cut the cost here. Even if they did went all out, I doubt they could’ve produced the same quality as Madhouse did. Trying not the let the animation deter me, I focused more on the story and I found it was good. Character development on Pinocchio and Triela wasn’t that strong and I didn’t know what’s the deal with the other characters as I haven’t gotten that far yet.

    Even if it comes down as a below average series compared to Season 1, I won’t let it get to me too much as the love for the Gunslinger Girl franchise is just too great to make me hate it.

  8. Carillus

    I’ve been following the manga for four years, and I really prefer the first season myself.

    I actually preferred the colour palette in the original adaptation. It gives off that very muted vibe that somehow looks more Western in setting, since the whole series is set in Italy and all. It also paints a very bleak picture that is well suited to the subject matter. It was almost like a political commentary.

    However, when I compare it to the manga, the first series seems to push it in a different direction, and they take artistic liberties in doing so. I can understand Aida’s being upset since Madhouse actually moved around the chronology a bit. For example, the last episode is actually supposed to be somewhere earlier on in respect to the other episodes, and Angelica was never implied to die in the original.

    I never did get past half of the first episode of Il Teatrino so I can’t comment on it.

  9. Zach

    I happened to notice it on the shelf in Best Buy the other day, and just had to pick it up. I knew nothing about the first series when I, much the same, spotted it on the shelf; but I took the bait anyway.

    I really thought they tried too hard to put too much into the story of the first set, in retrospect, and it did make me a little uncomfortable at first because of the creepy factor, and it seemed like it didn’t have quite enough action. But as far as action goes, I suppose I should be thankful for what I got in this second series.

    I do share a lot of your grievances, about the quality of animation motion, but on the whole I really felt satisfied and did not find myself pre-occupied with it. Although I thought that close-ups (like on a statue for instance) lacked detail and looked frightfully blurry. I was also quite annoyed with the whole Pinnochio-centric storyline. Although I will part ways with you now on a few things..

    Looking at it as a whole work, I thought that a lot of the girls got relatively equal time. I especially enjoyed the “A day in the life of Claes” and Triela’s origin episodes. It actually took me a minute to connect the dots – but I was still left wondering what her handlers role was. He seemed to have intimate knowledge of her situation (as I would suspect) but at the same time it almost seemed confusing, as if we were supposed to think her handler was the same man from the back-story flashback. Or maybe he is? I don’t know I was pretty tired at that point so probably just need to re-watch it..

    Approaching GSG from the idea of it being a character study, I think has allowed me to find it more enjoyable than when I originally thought it was just girls with guns action. I think approaching the second series from the “character study” angle left me more satisfied in terms of some of the plot devices as well, as opposed to the way you felt..

    I noticed they did tone down the exploration of the girls’ feelings for their handlers, but found it particularly interesting when that girl Triela was guarding essentially got her to admit she was in love with her handler. I actually think she is the most interesting character, perhaps because she is indeed older than the rest of the girls, is far more jaded, etc. I think it would be interesting to see further works put her in a situation where she is really “alone” with her handler and how she might act (would she make advances? how would she act when he pushes her away (assumedly)? )

    But getting to the whole Pinnochio thing. I can understand why they wanted to make the girls fail repeatedly. Especially in Triela’s case, she took it very hard and it affected her professional performance as a result – I don’t see anything wrong with that. However I have one or two episodes left to go so I can’t completely comment on the whole situation.

    It does sound like they could have done it much more tastefully and intelligently though. Overall I thought it dragged on in the beginning with Franco et al. But I am just hoping that there will be continued releases for this series.

    It really is an interesting character study more than anything, and I want to see what happens to these girls all the way up to the end of their lives.. Its such a shame that many in the community has scorned GSG and passed it off as some kind of pedo-centric shit. It deals with real issues that real human beings deal with emotionally at their ages, and that someone in their positions WOULD be dealing with because of their conditioning and circumstances.

    People can criticize that angle now, but everyone will praise it in the future, just like every other property that has bucked the trends and challenged peoples perceptions of entertainment, through dealing with pseudo-real life issues.

  10. Zach

    I finished things up the other night. Only really had two episodes to rewatch or something like that.. I fell asleep through one of them.

    I found the end confrontation to be pretty satisfying, although I do wish the series had more similar action. Triela certainly went all out, and it was kind of gratifying to watch. But then at the end I was yelling at the T.V screen, saying “oh no you didn’t kill her” over and over, because let’s face it.. Even an android could probably die from a hit to the eye like she sustained. So was kind of a relief to see her not dead.

    The ending with her and Hilshire was very good I think.. It was actually kind of surprising in some ways, but that may just be because I don’t remember his demeanor from my viewing of the first series months before.. I thought her dialogue was perfect and funny at the same time, in that beat-up sarcastic “been around the block a few too many times” way… Which I can relate to on a personal level.

    Definitely gave a sense of maturity the way they embraced though, so who knows where that could lead, if they let it.. It wouldn’t gross people out too much I think, as she is clearly much older than the other girls and it shows.

    What are your opinions on the Manga (and any other works that may exist?), have read it? I’m thinking about looking into it if I can relate to it the same way as I can to the Anime, and I’m sure there is a lot more story to go through in print vs screen.

  11. Zach

    That’s true..I had never considered the Father/Daughter dynamic. Not sure if I suck at identifying those kinds of things, or I just intentionally overlook them because of my own turbulent relationships. (sitting through crap in movies like “I love you dad/son” really drives me nuts.. just makes me uneasy, don’t know why, lol)

  12. Garrett

    I appreciate your analysis of the series ^_^ Like many have said before I immediately noticed that the visual clarity and crispness was gone, and for me that takes a lot away from it. I enjoyed GSG because the beautiful imagery and the storytelling (mostly because it wasn’t at a rushed pace). But I already like it! it just seems to be more based around the people and less about the visual aspects of the series. thanks :)

  13. Zach

    Can’t believe I still have this page bookmarked, heh…

    Anyway was browsing through best buy and found the 2 episode OVA (I’m guessing its relatively new?) meant to tie up the ending of Il Teatrino. Hopefully it will be some good watching, although its only about 50m long. But not bad I guess for $12.99

  14. Roger

    Teatrino accomplished one thing more then any other anime, make me hate the villian. Upon the introduction of a slim normal human boy that had the ability to dodge bullets, greater upper body strength and greater speed and better hand to hand combat skills then the cyborgs whose articifial bodies require them to pay the debt in their lifespan and memories, I was right there with Triella hating his ass, wanting nothing more then to see her bludgeon his head against the floor.

    His name Pinochio also seemed like a clever shot at the girls, especially the ending “And Pinnochio finally became real boy.” even though, you know Pinnochio always was a real boy whereas the girls stayed imprisoned in fake bodies.

    So yeah, they accomplished that at least.

  15. Mags

    Over the years I have definitely slimmed down the amount of anime I watch. I don’t know why, but I think after a while the big eyed, huge smiled girls and sulking, misunderstood guys (though I do still love them) filled my quota for cute. But I definitely partake, and one of the shows that actually pulled me back into watching anime more was Gunslinger Girl. It was so beautiful, from the music to the voices (Japanese, I’m a bit of a purist in some cases) to the art to everything. Especially, though, was the story and how beautiful and sad the fight for self comprehension these girls had to endure. From coming to terms with their partial loss of humanity and difficulty to relate with others and the inevitability of their deaths, it was so so moving. The scenes where they sat in Claes’ room and drank tea were always sweet, but the fact that they were juxtaposed against everything else in the outside world was what made everything in the series so meaningful.

    On that note, I agree with most of your post and loved the way you stated it. Granted I only watched the first episode of the second season, but through the whole thing I couldn’t help but feeling that the show I loved didn’t exist anymore. I actually had to stop it in the middle of the episode to watch the first episode of the first season to remind myself of the show I loved. I will continue to soldier through the season, but I just wanted to thank you for putting my mind at ease about how crazy bad the episode was. Here are some quick points.

    1. The animation sucked. When you shack a picture in front of a camera, you don’t call it animation but a 6th grade history project.

    2. Does Henriette continue to act like a high school girl with a crush towards Jose, and if so, why? I admit her feelings for him seemed confused in the first season, but not like that.

    3. Was Rico always that cutesy? Because she seemed pretty quite from what I remember in the last season.

    4. Angelica didn’t die?! That totally ruins everything that is beautiful from the last episode. I don’t feel embarrassed saying I cried for that ending, and now I’ll just be angry.

    I apologize for the tyraid, I just don’t get to do this often, and this anime has been one of my favorites since the first time I saw it. I know everyone has a different taste in shows, whether you want something light hearted or serious, but I thought the reason people were drawn to Gunslinger Girl was it’s weight (as you noted) and it’s beautiful melancholy.

    edit: Sorry, meant to add this as well. How many times did they say “cyborg” in the first series? Because they said it 50 times (obviously not accurate) in the first episode of this series, and they seemed to rarely say it at all last time. “Tool” and “Weapon” were used, but I thought that by not outright saying “cyborg” and “android,” it blurred the lines that made that fight for identity so amazing. Ok, enough pre-judging. Going to brace myself and watch the ep. 2.

  16. Lol

    It seems like most of the dislike was from expectations o ,of the indiviual person, not of the orignality or the story share.

    I agree with most people some of the rendering isn’t as great as the first season but the new character design nd luminisity i did like.

    Also i loved the other side story type of technique they did use. I fell in love with pinnocio and his short yet revolving story line.
    Along the lines with the strenght and weakness issue , i don’t care much about the subject.

    If anything i suppot it : it shows that the girls are strong but not invincible and have some emotion and i think thats what they are potraying.
    The fight scenes weren’t bad either , it was about a 5 year gap between animations and for me and alot of other fans it delivered. (I find no use in complaining because somethings not like the old bone that was buried years ago.(not saying you complain o.o))

    Me defending this doesn’t mean i like 2nd season more than the 1st but it was pretty good to me and it is souly my opinion. Plus they just about the same of rating in my opinion.

  17. lmao

    Eh.. i liked the second season the only thing that turned me off is that pino was dead and the girl lived.. it would of made a better ending if they both died but then again season 3 should happen since the manga is still going

  18. YNagato

    I totally agree with you that the second season is pretty ugly due to its artless execution. But we cannot blame the story for its ugly form, and Pinocchio should hardly be held responsible. Sure Pinocchio is a mirror, a foil for Triela, but he is also “the” antagonist in the classical sense, and he gives a credible face to what the GSGs are fighting against. You see through him the other side of the story unavailable from those gunslinger girls’ perspective. The manga explains way better how Pinocchio manages to beat Triela, and your suspicion is right, the awful animation just renders both of them wooden in their action. Again at fault is the form, not the story of Pinocchio per se.

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