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More Cheap Lighting

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18 responses to “More Cheap Lighting”

  1. Panther

    Way ahead of you in the lighting up of display cabinets. I used to have LEDs for my bikes and knew their practical and economic advantages. My cabinet is already lit up but not complete yet and I am thinking of getting another to house my remaining figures, as I am already toning down from the figure collecting passion and trying to stop entirely.

    LEDs are so good, why people are only waking up to them now must be because there always has been a lack of info about their advantages and benefits. It is about time someone needs to get the word out to others.

  2. Colette

    I’m so glad to see you do another one of these. I’m going to give it a shot — thanks for doing it! :)

  3. phossil

    thats an excellent idea! thx.

  4. valho

    interesting, since I have a wireless flash, I use a snoot on it (just roll up some black paper and u get a snoot) to get tight beam of light, just that when i use my flash, I can’t use my lamp for lighting, since my flash is more powerful

  5. kodomut

    Nice, would have gotten that if I still were doing indoor shots. I still have a piece of frosted glass which I bought from IKEA quite a while back because I thought it would make for some interesting shots. Never got to use it in the end ^^

  6. YuKi-To

    those are really neat, thx for the info… hopefully the ikea here has it ^^

  7. ron~

    is the dioder color is daylight white or cool white (which is yellowish) ?

    In Ikea here they only have the yellowish dioder :(

  8. Aka

    I wish I’d picked up the Dioders instead of the Grundtals for my Billy cabinet. The Grundtals have a warm light which I love, but they’re halogen and get enormously hot. The Dioders would be nice and cool.

    I have a spare Grundtal I should use as a spotlight (and light the house on fire when the cardboard ignites…).

  9. Blowfish

    Im amazed how you can take things and use them for something completly different.I might check out IKEA for those!
    If it wont work out I still can use them in my Detolf ^^

  10. lastSKYsamurai

    Awesome. LED’s are nice & it’s a shame I lost my LED hand torch. I use to wrap backing paper around it (cudo’s man), when I go out at night & take shots. But I have been using the FlashLight App on my Touch for lighting lately, it’s nice to add a tinge of blue or pink on some shots. – But the Aussie Southern Ocean wind is horrid for outside shots……

  11. Tommy

    Thanks for another great tutorial. I was going to get a load of these dioders to light my my shelves. I’ve wanted to make a spot light or something, I guess I’ll try the flash light method first.

  12. Otaku Dan

    this is a great tutorial, I have been actually looking for different lighting methods and with this, it is going to help a lot.

  13. Kodomut- Headphones

    [...] Just got my lighting ding dings, similar to the one used by comrade Yuki-to and introduced by HappySoda. [...]

  14. Jay

    Since the DIODER’s power output is very low, what settings should you use on your camera to get a properly exposed shot? Did you use a tripod for that shot?

    Tnx! ^^
    .-= Jay┬┤s last blog: Jia Gold Bustamante wins Asia Cosplay Meet Championship in Singapore =-.

  15. Batara Yamadipati

    This is very helpful, thanks for the info ‘ -’)b

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